Thursday, August 19, 2021

Sunny Summer Days

Started off the morning with breakfast and more Goofy shorts. The cartoons of this era often felt something like an early run for Goof Troop. Goofy reminds us that "Fathers are People" when he and his (unseen) wife share the duties of raising their son. The kid may drive him crazy, but in the end, he is his little boy. Goofy tries to take Junior camping, only to run headlong into "Father's Lion" who would rather they went home. 

Not all of the shorts from this era have dated well. The depiction of Goofy's attempt to go cold turkey in "No Smoking" (and the fact that it doesn't work) is more disturbing than funny today. Likewise, his students' behavior in "Teachers are People," including nearly blowing up the school, is a lot less cute in light of real-life shooting and terrorist incidents.

Headed off to work shortly after I ate. I cashiered today. Thankfully, other than I'm tired and got mad at myself for making mistakes a few times, there were no major problems. We were on-and-off steady; by 5, it died so hard, I was able to close with no relief and no need for one. 

Jodie rolled in the driveway at the same time I did. After I got in and changed, she knocked on the door and handed me a Styrofoam container. She went out to dinner and couldn't finish half of her cheesesteak and fries, so I did it for her.

Since they were still warm, I ate right away and watched Match Game '74 at 5:30. Richard Dawson makes a rare misstep in the Head-to-Head with his answer to "__ Canyon." (In Richard's defense, he was from England.) Meanwhile, Gene and Brett makes jokes about Charles' colorful floral fisherman's hat. 

Did the dishes during Match Game '76. Charles and Brett have a great time teasing each other and Bill Daily in the beginning as Charles continues to claim he's a taxi driver. Towards the end of the episode, Gene tries to say good bye to the outgoing contestant, only for the revolving stage to sweep her away while he's still talking. He jumps on the stage and continues to chat with her anyway!

Worked on writing for a while after I finished the dishes. Brett finally takes the boys back to where the Cheshire Catwoman's head still floats over the croquet guests. Queen Betty wants Richard to chop off her head, but there's no neck to chop it off of. Brett points out that the cat technically belongs to Duchess Marcia (Wallace) and they should ask her how to deal with it.

Finished the night with Dangerous When Wet at Watch TCM. I go further into this cute Esther Williams vehicle that includes an animated number featuring Tom & Jerry at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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