Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The Eyes and Dolls Have It

Ate a really quick breakfast this morning, then dashed out for my first of two appointments today. Kresloff Eye Associates is in a blocky office building on Haddon Avenue. Unfortunately, I thought it was further down in Westmont and went in totally the wrong direction. It's in Collingswood, in the Station Office Building. I was upset when I rushed in 15 minutes late, but the secretary who took my information said I made it in just within their grace period.

Though I was technically here for a routine eye exam, my real reason for the exam was to replace my glasses. I haven't had new glasses since at least 2008. The wire frames themselves have actually held up pretty well over fourteen years, but the lenses are scratched to the point where they're getting really hard to see through. I had contacts for a while in the early-mid 2010's, but not only did replacing them get too expensive, but I got tired of putting them in. I chose an attractive brown wire pair with a shape similar to my current ones.

Made a few short stops in Collingswood next. Since it's about four blocks from the Station Office Building, I hit PNC Bank next. Treated myself to a tasty Blackberry & Cream Smoothie from WaWa after that and drank it on a bench at Knight Park. It was cloudy and cool earlier, but by that point, the sun was trying to come out. It jumped into the 70's, even as I headed home. 

Went straight home and into Match Game '78 and a quick lunch. Ace pitcher (and later announcer) Don Sutton fields talk about the Dodgers' loss in the World Series in the opening, much to the annoyance of New Yorker Jon "Bowzer" Bauman. Nancy Lane is a lot more nervous when she has to figure out "__ Writer" on the Head-to-Head.

Changed the dolls into less formal clothes for late spring after the show ended. Molly pairs the red shoes from Samantha's Spring Dress with an eBay recreation of her Victory Garden Dress. Samantha celebrates her birthday in her Pink Striped Birthday Dress and ruffly pinafore. The boots from her Ice Cream Dress actually suit this outfit even better. Whitney wears the Our Generation Retro Picnic Outfit with simple black flats. Ariel boldly shows her middrift in a brief ruffled top and floral bell bottoms Lauren sent for Christmas two years ago. Jessa's more laid back in the high-necked striped shirt from her original meet outfit and Springfield Collection capris and sneakers. Felicity's ready to help me dust in her green striped Work Gown. Josefina celebrates Cinco Del Mayo in her pretty red and gold print dress and black velvet vest with the black mules. 

Finished them with almost literally no time to spare before counseling. I had a lot to tell Mrs. Stahl. Like Mom, she's proud of me for seeing so many doctors and finally getting some ideas of what's wrong with me. Now I just need to talk to Vocational Rehabilitation, so I can learn how to push through my fears and get a decent job (and finally get the blood work done).

One of my neighbors from Hillcrest finally agreed to help me get some things to storage that I didn't need, and pull out things that I wanted in the apartment. Everything went fine until we got to the door to my storage area. I couldn't figure out the lock. I panicked and got upset, going on and on like an idiot until my neighbor realized I never reset the lock. I didn't there, either. I really just wanted to get my boxes and get out. I'll do it another time.

It started to rain while we were in the storage unit. It thankfully took a temporary leave of absence as we hauled everything back to my place. The rain returned shortly after I got in and has been off and on for the rest of the night. 

Among the things I finally retrieved were my adult paperback novels, the bin with the collectible bears, an empty wooden bin for records, and the boxes with my wooden cut-outs that I made in wood shop classes at the Special Services Middle School years ago. Found my crocheting books and supplies, too. I had the yarn here, but not the needles. Moved the Star Wars books to the living room on two crates next to the TV and put the paperbacks in their place in my bedroom. The stuffed animals went on my bed or the top of the record crates. 

(Also brought in my final two birthday presents to myself. Look for Holiday In Mexico next week for Cinco Del Mayo, and the notoriously bad early talkie operetta Golden Dawn later in the month!) 

Watched more Match Game as I worked, and later as I had leftovers for dinner, starting with Match Game '76. Richard pulled off a big win for an older woman with the difficult "__ Ball" on the Head to Head. Greg Morris and Elaine Joyce are more interested in where sparks fly out of the Six Million Dollar Man when the Bionic Woman kisses him. 

Brett definitely likes a 71-year-old man who claims he's a veteran bartender ("mixologist") in the Match Game '77 episode. She's also pretty impressed when Dick Martin actually starts matching the contestant for once, and there's Patti Deustch's name for "boxing gloves." Patti did even better on the Audience Match in the next episode, topping Richard's answer for "__ Army." Later, Gene used one of the seats as a trumpet to get the question across to Charles.

Patti and Dick carried over into the Match Game PM episode for that week. Gene makes jokes about a contestant with a long, bushy hair and beard that makes him resemble Grizzly Adams. Brett and the other ladies thinks he looks fine the way he is. Richard has an even easier time with "Jack the __" on the Head-to-Head.

Finally put my laundry away, then finished the night on Amazon Prime with Babes On Broadway. I go further into the third Mickey Rooney-Judy Garland teen backstage movie at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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