Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Windy Matches

I hadn't been up for more than 10 minutes when the phone rang. It was Mom, whom I keep forgetting to call. I have a lot to tell her, under any circumstances. She's proud that I made all these doctor's appointments myself and kept them with no prompting. She mainly recommended a lot of vitamins to help with feeling run-down lately. And no, she hasn't heard from Rose. I haven't heard from her since she called on my birthday and never called me back, but that's not uncommon with her. Even when she is speaking to me, she can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to get back to me, depending on how busy she is. 

Had breakfast while watching Mickey Mouse Funhouse, the most recent show to feature Mickey and the gang. Here, the "clubhouse" is sentient and goes by the name of Funny. "Daisy & Goofy Clean Up" when they accidentally make a mess in Funny while preparing their things for a day of adventure with their friends. They keep getting distracted while cleaning up, but finally find a way to keep them on track. "Crayon World!" is a white space where you can draw anything...but all the crayons besides Donald's brown are missing. Donald's upset that all he can draw are potatoes, but he ends up having to use those potatoes to rescue his friends and the crayons from a group of obnoxious weasels. 

Went online to send a few quick messages. Used the patient portal at Collingswood Family Medicine to ask Dr. Jessica to recommend me a gynecologist close-by. All she came up with was one in Voorhees. I was hoping for something closer. I'll keep looking. Asked my stepbrother TJ on Facebook Messenger when he can get the rest of my records back. He said not until the weekend - he works during the week. 

Put on Match Game '78 while having lunch. Gene welcomes three "new kids on the block," Mabel King from The Wiz and What's Happening, Guich Koock of the Grand Ol' Opry, and comedian Ken Olfson. Koock wasn't much at matching, but he made good eye candy and had enough fun that he'd appear a few more times. I'm surprised Olfson never turned up again; he played fairly well, seemed to enjoy himself, and got a few good quips. Mabel King, on the other hand, played badly and seemed bored. It's no surprise this would also be her only week.

Rushed out as soon as I changed, finished eating, and brought up the outside trash can. Work was off-and-on busy. This was not a good thing, especially early in the day. The other morning and afternoon cashier never called or showed up, and we had absolutely no help whatsoever. Thankfully, by the time I finished, the evening cashiers had arrived. I was able to leave on time with no trouble. 

The worst that happened was I made the mistake of letting a WIC Check customer into the Express line. We're not supposed to take checks in the Express Line, period. They take forever to write out. The WIC Checks are such a pain. You need to have just the right things for them. Admittedly, we've had problems with getting the right bread due to the supply chain trouble, but she couldn't be bothered to get the right cheese, either, twice. I had to go get it for her. I wish they'd just switch to the cards they promised in January and be done with it!

Went straight home and upstairs after work. Watched The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That while I had a snack. Nick and Sally say "Hooray for Hair!" when they're getting their hair cuts and want to find new styles. The Cat introduces them to a long-haired yak, a fur seal, and a prickly porcupine who teach them about hair and why their styles work for them. The kids learn about different types of ice from Polly the Polar Bear when they say "Ice Is Nice," especially in lemonade!

Finished the night online after a shower. The original Magnum PI is at The Roku Channel in its entirety. Magnum learns why beauty - and romantic relationships - are "Skin Deep" when a grieving husband calls him to probe his actress wife's suicide. The woman had an up-and-coming career, but her husband was jealous, and she kept increasingly trying to get away from him, making him believe she had a lover. Magnum follows her trail to a small island, where the truth turns out to be far simpler than he believed.

Moved to YouTube for more classic Match Game episodes, mainly from 1975 and 1976. Wrestler and football star-turned-actor Alex Karras looked incredibly bored for most of his one week on the show in 1975, but he did wake up when called on to help a woman wrestler named Lola Kiss show what she could do. She got him down in no time flat, with Richard acting as the announcer. 

Gene had a nasty cold during a week in 1976, which meant he couldn't kiss anybody for once. Brett didn't mind getting close to him to ask him about a question, though! (He also did a wacky "sneeze" before the fade to the first commercial.) Later that week, Fannie showed up in a long, curly wig. Between the wig and her bad Brooklyn accent, she reminded me a lot of Maple LaMarsh on Remember WENN

Gene also had a rough time when talk show host Mike Douglas turned up in the beginning instead of him to congratulate the panel for making Match Game the #1 daytime show at that point. Gene crept out and claimed Douglas hit him on the head! Richard had his own time in the spotlight about a month or so later when he made an incredible match to "Irving __" in the Head-to-Head.

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