Friday, August 12, 2022

In the Summertime

Got a quick start today by oversleeping...or so I thought. I thought I had to be in at 9 before I realized my schedule said 9:30. Had the chance to do some writing and have a quick breakfast before hurrying off to work.

Bagged again today. Not only am I really tired of having to do 500 things at once, but other people are starting to complain about it, too. If employees aren't leaving, they're on vacation. I'd start sweeping, only to be called to return cold items, and then would be asked to gather trash, and then to go get carts. I can't do everything at once, and neither can anyone else. 

At least I got to enjoy gorgeous weather. The heat finally dissipated, leaving sunshine, bright fluffy clouds, fresh breezes, and perfectly normal for August mid-80's temperatures. I would have liked it even more if, between my breaks and there being no one to help me until past 3:30, I didn't keep falling behind on them. 

Mixed feelings on the schedule for next week. One early day, Sunday, and one 8 1/2 hour cashiering day next Saturday, neither of which I'm looking forward to. On the other hand, I do have two four-hour shifts, with Wednesday and Friday off, and no other very early or late days.  

Grabbed a few things throughout the day. Needed batteries for my electric toothbrush and blueberry muffins for lunch next week. Had an online coupon for Bryers Ice Cream. Decided to keep things simple and went with their Vanilla Fudge Twirl. Picked up oatmeal cookies from the bakery. 

After I got home, I went straight into Super Password while changing and getting organized. Bert Convy said it had been a wild week (he even mentioned Gene Wood knocking the set over), and I'll believe it. Tom Poston and his contestant missed getting all of the words in the Bonus Round by seconds, and someone got not one, but two puzzles right on the first and second try.

Monty Hall didn't have that much luck on Let's Make a Deal. On one hand, a couple did sensibly turn down a new car when it became apparent they likely didn't have the right number in a pricing game (they didn't). A girl with braces dressed as an egg was thrilled to win a refrigerator in the opening games, and even seemed delighted when she picked up appliances that cost slightly less in the Big Deal of the Day. I suspect the other woman in an outfit covered with paper flowers wasn't complaining about missing the big furniture deal of the day, either - she got a trip to Mexico that was probably a lot more fun. 

Finished the night online after dessert with a season 7 episode of The Love Boat. The spoiled niece of the owner of the cruise line (Kim Lankford) takes a liking to Gopher, and she's not "Just Another Pretty Face" when she won't take no for an answer. A man (Gordon Jump) who has been married to his wife (Florence Henderson) for 25 years convinces her to let him have an "Affair On Demand"...but she's not as fooled by his story as he thinks. An executive (Clint Walker) is shocked when a "Friend of the Family" (Robert Reed) falls for his much-younger daughter (Deborah Shelton). He relents when he realizes they love each other no matter what. 

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