Sunday, November 13, 2016

Birds Vs Birds

It was lovely and sunny when I got up this morning. Made Banana Pancakes while listening to two versions of the 1903 operetta Babes In Toyland. The first was released on CD by Decca about a decade ago, coupled with another Victor Herbert hit, The Old Mill. Kenny Baker and Eileen Farrell perform most of the numbers here, including one I haven't heard anywhere else, "Song of the Poet."

My LP for the Disney Babes In Toyland is only kind-of a soundtrack. Ed Wynn can be heard on "The Workshop Song," and I'm pretty sure that's Ann Jillian doing Bo Peep's solo on "Never Mind, Bo Peep." Otherwise, it's all studio singers. This has its advantages. "And We Won't Be Happy 'Til We Get It" sounds far more menacing when one of the singers is Thurl "Tony the Tiger" Ravenscroft!

The Acme was insanely busy when I arrived. There were NO carts outside. Seriously. I saw one cart at noon, and that was one of the green metal ones that hasn't worked right in ages. Between the Eagles-Falcons game and this being a holiday weekend two weeks before Thanksgiving, there were lines down the aisles. Thankfully, it finally started to slow down a bit around 2. I spent the first half of my shift helping the two baggers outside with carts, and the second half doing returns.

When I got home, I changed into regular clothes, then headed back out to Dad's. Jodie and Dad picked up fresh-cured bacon from and Amish farm market and was inspired to make BLTs for dinner. Jessa was passed out on the couch when I arrived, but she did wake up eventually, with time enough to tell me about her taco appetizers in phyllo shells. Dana arrived with a taste casserole made of sausage and cream cheese, with a croissant topping. Joe arrived later, with stories about how crazy the Eagles game was. (Evidently, Vanessa and Mark and Rose and Khai had been around earlier. The latter had to leave before the game ended because Khai was cranky and misbehaving.)

I also found out why Dad hadn't been around on Veteran's Day. He and Jodie had gone to her sons' grandmother's funeral. Evidently, they were out all day.

Ended the night with more Lego Star Wars. I'm just about done with Free Play. Completed "Into the Death Star," "Mos Espa Pod Race," "Darth Maul," and the very complicated "Jedi Destiny." Tried "Dagobah" again but didn't get far.

Oh, and for once, Dad's got a reason to be in a very good mood. Not only did the Eagles soar past the Falcons 24-15, but the Dolphins got an unexpected and much-needed win against the San Diego Chargers, 31-24. (I actually saw the Eagles score the game-winning field goal in the back room at work before I went home.)

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