Sunday, November 06, 2016

Unlucky Stars

Cheered myself up on a gorgeous day with Chocolate Chip-M&M's Pancakes (I got a fun-size pack of M&Ms in my candy bag on Halloween) and music. Did some K-Tel before switching to the Monkees. I started with my Headquarters LP before remembering I still hadn't listened to their newest, Good Times, all the way through.

This is a mixture of brand-new songs written and recorded this winter and revamped, unused older tunes from as far back as 1967. Actually, my favorite number is one of the older ones, the funky title tune. Another older song, "Love to Love," was probably added to give the late Davy Jones a number. I recognize it from at least one collection of Monkees cut material.

Headed to work around noon. It was even crazier today than it was yesterday! We just couldn't keep the carts filled. The lines were ridiculous. (Jodie told me later that they were bad even at 10 AM.) They pulled me in around 1:30 to go in for a cashier who was going on break, and again around 2 because the lines were still a bit long and the manager was frantic. I didn't get my break until 3, and I was done at 4.

The Eagles didn't do much better. I saw them in the back during my break and after work. It was another down-to-the-wire, nail-biter game, this time with the Giants. And unfortunately, the Eagles just barely lost again, 28-23.

Between work and the trouble last night, I didn't feel like going home. I went straight to Dad and Jodie's instead. The game was over, but there were still lots of kids running around and people there. Jodie warmed up leftover lasagna while I finally poured out my troubles, including what happened last night. I hadn't meant to mention being late on the rent. I don't like to ask for money. It just came out. I ended up borrowing the rest of the money for the rent from them.

Please try to understand that I don't like borrowing money. Normal adults are supposed to earn it. I don't want to be a mooch. I appreciate what they're doing, but I really have no other choice. I hate being so late with the rent. I know Jodie said that other people in the family have borrowed money...but other people in the family have boyfriends or children or live in the city, where everything is expensive. I live in a small town and am paying for no one but me. This shouldn't be happening.

I had an easier time talking to Jodie and her younger son Jesse on the porch later. Rose and I explained the dynamics of our family down in Cape May County, and why our parents behave the way they do. We also related many of our fondest or craziest memories, from Rose accidentally setting our stove on fire to the clubhouse we had in the little guest house in the back of the cottage on Maryland Avenue to the flea-ridden house we lived in for a few years in the early 90's in West Cape May. (It took two flea bombs and replacing the carpets to get rid of them.)

Warmed up while spending a little bit of time with Emily and Khai. Apparently, they're both Pokemon fans. I got to admire their collection of tiny, colorful figures before Rose called Khai to eat. I got to try Jessa's Lime Cheesecake. Rich, but also quite lime-y. I'm not the biggest cheesecake fan, but I do love citrus. Jess did a pretty decent job.

(Khai is so smart. He's really good at math. He already knows about negatives. Rose and Jodie were asking him "What's 10 - 12?" and "What's 100 X 0," and he got them instantly.)

Finally headed home around 7. Hopped right in the shower when I got in, then, worked on more Lego Star Wars. Found the remaining pieces and got True Jedi in "Escape From Echo Base" and "Dagobah" and found the red brick in the latter, finishing out both of those rounds. (The Character Studs and 2X extras were huge helps with True Jedi. One gives you studs when you take down characters. The other gives you two times the amount the studs were originally worth.)  Finally made it into the skiff in "The Great Pit of Carkoon"...but then I got stuck between shelves in one room. I'll finish that one tomorrow or the next time I play.

Two things. I'm going to be doing my nightly online chats with Lauren in the living room for the foreseeable future. Second, it won't happen anytime soon, but I'm considering looking for another apartment. I know the rent is cheap, but I'm tired of listening to Charlie's mouth and his cursing and his yelling. He was supposed to have fixed my apartment a year and a half ago. And he screamed at me about my being noisy? If I had a dime for every morning I was woken up by his power tools and potty mouth, I would be able to afford the rent!

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Linda said...

I was going to say--he's complaining about you being loud when you can always hear him swearing? That's rich!