Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Cleaning In the Rain

CRASH! BOOM! A thunderstorm jolted me awake around 8:30. I tried sleeping, but the weather just kept making noise. It passed through quickly, though. The clouds were just down to showers by the time I was in the kitchen, making Banana Pancakes for breakfast.

Ran Fairie Tale Theatre as I ate. Since I'm currently reading a book based after The Twelve Dancing Princesses, I thought I'd do that episode. There's only six princesses in this retelling, but they still wear out their dancing slippers every night, to the frustration of their doting father (Roy Dotrice). A solider is determined to figure out how they do it, but the eldest princess (Leslie Ann Warren) distrusts him. She'd rather remain in her dream world. The soldier finally figures out what they're up to...and shows them that a real flesh-and-blood man can be every bit as dashing as the ones in their dreams.

Switched to The Princess Diarist while I cleaned the bathroom. The bathroom wasn't too bad. I mostly focused on the tiles around the tub. I really need something that'll allow me to scrub between the tiles easier without having to struggle to reach over the edge of the tub.

Part of the second half of the book focuses on the actual diaries...which were mainly love poems that revealed just how nuts Fisher was about Ford. Her twenty-something daughter Billie Lourd read this segment for even more authenticity. As late as my own early twenties, I might have agreed with Fisher's drooling over him. Nowadays, I feel sorry for both of them. Fisher was desperate for attention and to spend time with a really manly man. Ford was desperate to get away from a relationship that no longer worked and a job that wasn't what he wanted to do. It was more tragic and a bit pathetic than romantic. Anyone who's seen the movies knows they had chemistry, even as late as The Force Awakens. Sadly, it didn't translate into a real relationship, no matter what over-romantic fans wanted.

I debated all morning whether or not to volunteer at the Oaklyn Library today. The rain finally slowed down enough by 12:30 for me to head out for a walk. Needless to say on a day with such nasty weather, the Oaklyn Library was dead the whole time I was there. It was mainly me, two librarians, and the Weather Channel. I organized DVDs (the adult section was really bad) and shelved picture books.

Since I was only a few blocks away, I opted to just run to WaWa for lunch. Kept things simple and cheap with a pre-made Corned Beef and Swiss wrap in a rye tortilla. (Never saw that before.) The rain was taking a temporary leave of absence as I strolled home. It's really beautiful in the neighborhood now. Far from causing damage, the snow only seems to have made everything greener. The daffodils haven't looked this sunshine-y bright in years, and the tiny white and purple crocuses are perfect. A few people have Easter decorations out; most settle for spring banners or what's in their gardens.

I quickly ate my lunch, then scrubbed the kitchen. Ran Yogi the Easter Bear while I worked. Yogi's in a real jam after he eats all the candy intended for Jellystone Park's big Easter Jamboree. When Ranger Smith threatens to send him to the Siberian Zoo, Yogi takes off with Boo Boo to find the Easter Bunny and Easter Chicken and restock supplies. Meanwhile, a very strange pair of villains are also after the Easter Bunny. They want to replace the real eggs with their plastic imitations...and will stop at nothing to get rid of the Bunny and his actual, edible eggs.

(And I'm glad I got in when I did. The rain returned as I started eating and was on and off for the rest of the day.)

Worked on writing and Pinterest for a few hours after I finished the kitchen. As Cedric and Rusty make their way to Rusty's employers, Henry "Han" Solo and his valet Charles are waiting for Luke and Sir Benjamin at a run-down tavern on the waterfront. What they encounter is Gredono, one of Jenkins Huttman's top henchmen. Jenkins is the biggest crime lord in the kingdom. Henry once did work for him during his pirate days. He lost his last shipment...and Jenkins still wants him to pay for it. Henry shoots him rather than lets him scurry back to his boss.

Finished the night with leftovers and more Kirby's Epic Yarn. Since I didn't have much time, I went back and finally got those two extra rounds in Grass Land I hadn't earned enough beads for the first time. In fact, it took me three tries to figure out how to earn enough for the patches. Definitely preferred the first bonus round, which lets you dig through cotton batting for items as a mole, than the weird second one, where you played as a UFO. Also did the first round of Snow Land, dodging, standing on, and getting stuck in cotton ball "snow" as I made my way up the icy mountain. (Love the cute little skating move Kirby does when he turns on slippery surfaces.)

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