Thursday, March 02, 2017

The Pirate and the Spies

Since I didn't work until noon, I decided to get the monthly cleaning started. Did the bathroom and the kitchen. The kitchen was actually worse than the bathroom. I've been doing a lot of cooking and baking lately. It doesn't help that I never finished cleaning last month.

Ran a few things while I worked, starting with The Crimson Pirate. Burt Lancaster is the title character in this 1952 romp, a spirited pirate captain in the Caribbean in the 1700's. After capturing an official from England who is supposed to be seeking a the head of a local revolution, he comes up with the idea of selling guns to the revolutionaries. He starts to think better of the scheme when he falls in love with a female revolutionary (Eva Novak). His men aren't as thrilled and mutiny, throwing him off the ship. Now he and his loyal first mate (Nick Cravat) and the eccentric old professor they rescued from a dungeon have to use the professor's unusual inventions to help save the island and keep the girl from marrying the wrong man.

I swear I taped this in college, but I have no idea where that tape is now. A typical pirate romp, elevated by Lancaster in fine form as the noble captain and some odd steampunk-ish touches towards the end.

Switched to an episode of Jack of All Trades while eating a quick lunch and getting ready for work. Jack would love to avoid being "Shark Bait" while he and Emilia are searching for the supposed sea monster that's wrecking ships. Turns out that the "shark" is a submarine created by the many-great grandson of Leonardo DiVinci. The duo are going to need a little help from a fire-breathing Blackbeard the Pirate to stop the mad scientist and save the Founding Father/Son Cruise from the "shark's" newest weapons - missiles!

Work was...surprisingly boring. I figured it would be busy, given that the forecast for tomorrow is snow. Turns out we're now supposed to get a tiny bit of snow if we get anything at all. I spent the day going back and forth between bagging and gathering carts. It was colder than it has been, and still very wind, but not as cold as I thought it would be.

Bought a soft pretzel, then headed home. Worked a little bit on my story. Revised the last part. It's now Mon Mothma who invites Leia along to the Lothal Artists' Festival for the fair and the opening of the factory. Han and Luke are going anyway. Luke's doing fencing exhibitions, and Han wants to buy shelves for his handyman and display some of his newest inventions.

Finished out the night with leftovers and fresh popcorn for dinner while watching more Rick Steves. Rick hits the Alps this time, taking in Chamoix in France and the beautiful old towns of Switzerland. The latter is especially pretty, looking like something out of a story book, with its chalets and rolling green hills and grazing cows.

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