Sunday, September 10, 2017

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Began a beautiful morning with my Cyndi Lauper She's So Unusual LP and Butterscotch Chip Pancakes. I was hoping these would work better than the cookies did. Other than I burned one side of the first one, they came out pretty well. I don't know if I'll be using the butterscotch chips again, though. Clearance or no clearance, they're really too sweet for me. Had the last of the strawberry soup with them.

Worked on writing after breakfast. Leia gets Luke and Chip on board while Lance heads for the wheel house. Unfortunately, when he tries to start the Falcon, the motor won't turn over, despite Lance claiming he had people fix it. Arturro ends up repairing the engine, getting them out of the marina in the nick of time. Vader can only watch the boat speed towards Atlantic City.

Charlie showed up while I was writing. He said he wanted to store a really big box in the crawl space behind the couch and dry sink in the living room. I never use it. I have the back room. I don't know why he couldn't have called me and told me earlier, instead of ten minutes after. And now I find out that one of his men is living with him. Is there enough room for that? My apartment isn't huge. I can't imagine his is much bigger. Plus he has the dogs.

The first Eagles game of the season against the Washington Redskins began while I was writing. I continued with it as I ate lunch and got ready for work. The Eagles played great right off the bat, scoring two touchdowns in the first quarter alone. Unfortunately, they lost one of their better players to a nasty ankle injury and made some major mistakes that briefly put the Redskins ahead as I headed off for work. (Apparently, this turn of affairs didn't last long. They made some major plays in the second half, including turnovers on quarterback Kirk Cousins, and won 30-17.)

I spent the first half of my shift doing returns and the second half outside. I wish the managers would get their acts together. I grabbed a cart and organized the returns, just like the head manager said to. The front end manager that was on when I got in said "no, don't do that, just take the whole cart." I can't win. If I do it one way, the head manager gets upset. If I do it his way, the front end managers aren't happy. Why can't they all leave me alone and let me do my job?

And I'm tired of everyone assuming I know where everything is. The back storage area is so unorganized! There was an olive oil spill on aisle 5 right before my break. It wasn't big, but oil and other viscous liquids require different handling than most messes. You're supposed to pour a powder on it and sweep it away. That would have been great, if anyone told me where the powder was. I had to ask another bagger. They threw me into this job last year with absolutely no explanation or preparation. Just "you're doing this now." No one told me how to do it. I didn't even find out why I was moved to a different job until three weeks after they did it.

Decided to cheer myself up and celebrate the Eagles' win with dinner at Sonic (after picking up brown sugar). It was too nice to eat inside, anyway. Surprisingly, despite the lovely evening, it was quiet when I arrived at the patio. Sonic has new, wider menus to order from, with some new selections. I just went with my favorite grilled chicken sandwich, cherry limeade, and tater tots. The tater tots were yummy, hot and crispy. The sandwich was not. The chicken was tough and dry, and the rest was limp. I think I'll go back to burgers if I eat there again this fall before it gets too cold for fast food picnics.

And of course, as I was checking my cell phone while waiting for dinner, I got a text message from Jodie inviting me over for chili. I had no idea they were even in the area. I thought they were on vacation! Nope, seems they're going later this week. I already had food, but I may try to stop by there on Wednesday to say "hi" before they go.

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