Saturday, January 06, 2018

A Cold Day's Work

Began a sunny, but still frigid, morning with breakfast and one of my favorite Backyardigans episodes. When Pablo, Uniqua, and Tyrone can't agree on what to play, they turn to Tasha to settle their dispute. She opts for "High Tea." The other kids think it'll be a bore, but not the way Tasha does it! She takes them zipping over the trees of Borneo, invites them into the home of the grumpy Emperor of China (Austin), and riding across the Gobi Desert in search of the ingredients for the perfect cup of tea.

Spent the next few hours online and doing some writing. Chewie's so happy to see Han Shaftoe again, he lets out a loud bark...that wakes up the troll on duty. Han and BB manage to trick him into the cell and lock him in. BB fills Han in on Kylo Ren and Snoke's plan as they hurry across the dungeon to rescue the others.

Did a random episode of the second season of Sailor Moon when I broke for lunch. Berthier, the second of the Ayakashi Sisters, competes in a major chess tournament against the brilliant Ami. Things get really scary when she insists that the game is for keeps, trapping the others and freezing Ami when she loses. But it's her sister Koan who finally gets through to her and shows her that winning isn't as important as maintaining friendships.

Work was more-or-less the same as yesterday. Once again, I had to be driven to work, this time by Jodie's son Jesse. I was surprised at how busy it was, given the ongoing freezing cold and gusty winds. Not to mention, the parking lot is still a mess. I could only be out for 20 minute intervals. It would take me that long just to drag a couple of carts out of the snow pile-laden back lot.

Did a lot of grocery shopping after I finished. I needed to do my own post-holiday restocking. With the cold weather driving chicken prices up, I opted for a crab cake and beef sausages for meat instead. Cabbages and green beans were some of the only affordable vegetables I could find. Also restocked crushed pineapple, canned mandarin oranges, apples, yogurt, bananas, grapefruit, cream of mushroom soup, white and brown sugar, corn meal, strawberry jam, skim milk, eggs, and the tasty Acme organic tortilla chips (they had a sweet potato flavor and I had a coupon on the Acme generic organic products). Also grabbed a snow shovel. My porch still hadn't been shoveled. (And of course, when Dad drove me home,  I found it must have been shoveled this afternoon. Oh well. I'll do it myself next time.)

Put everything away, the finished the night with the crab cake, sauteed green beans, and pasta with olive oil for dinner. Ran Jack Frost as I did the dishes and went online. The title character of this 1979 Rankin-Bass tale is far more benign than the Jack we meet in Frosty's Winter Wonderland. Here, Jack desperately wants to become human after he falls in love with a human girl. Father Winter grants him his wish for one winter, but winning her proves to be harder than he thought. The Cossack King dominates her town, keeping all the wealth for himself. Jack also finds a more serious rival in a handsome knight who looks far more like a traditional romantic hero than he does. When the Cossack King kidnaps the girl, then threatens the town with his army of mechanical knights, Jack gives up his humanity to call up a huge blizzard around his castle. He can only keep it going if a certain little underground critter sees his shadow...which happens to be the one part of Jack that humans can see.

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