Saturday, January 27, 2018

Winds of Winter

I could hear the wind chimes going next door when I awoke this morning. It was a windy day, so windy that the draft in the back room kept blowing the door open. The front door had been blown open as well. I dealt with that, then had breakfast and got organized while finishing out the Scooby Doo disk. The kids learn "Don't Fool With a Phantom" when they're attacked by a wax spook while competing in a TV dance contest and the station's manager disappears. The owner of the wax museum next door claims he made the phantom appear...but is there a more realistic explanation for the phantom's appearance?

Finally made it out around quarter after 11. It was such a nice day, I went out in my heavy coral hoodie and was only slightly chilly. Despite the blustery winds, it was sunny and fairly warm, probably in the mid-upper 50's. I had two more bags of donations to bring to the Logan Church Thrift Shop. They were pretty busy when I got in as people looked around to make their final purchases before they closed. I just ended up with Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Don't know if I'll ever buy the rest, but I do like the first one.

My next stop was originally going to be the Oaklyn Library. I arrived there at noon...just as they closed early. Moved on to Dollar General instead, then CVS. Picked up sugar, sponges, and and mandarin orange cups at Dollar General, an electric toothbrush (thought I'd try it) and an apple-cinnamon-chia bar for a snack at CVS. Neither place was remotely busy. It was too nice to be shopping.

Had a quick lunch when I got home. Did a couple of Good Eats episode while I ate and did the dishes. Alton discusses how to make your own versions of two popular snacks, pretzels and mustard in "Pretzel Logic" and popcorn in "Pop Art."

Worked on my fanfic for the rest of the afternoon. No sooner does Leia leave Luke the Fairy Scout and Chewbacca the Swallow then she encounters a group of militaristic beetles on a long flight home. They just returned from battle with their enemies, the fairies. The head of the group, a huge, shiny black beetle, reveals that they had captured King Han and turned him over to his enemies. He sweeps Leia off to his ancient old master, thinking he find find her to be a pretty mate. He doesn't. In fact, he finds her to be ugly and too sharp-tongued. She's tossed in prison, but she escapes and makes her way into the woods.

Broke at 6:30 for dinner. Tossed together an old can of Potato-Leek Soup and the leftover Italian wedding from a couple of days ago, just to get rid of both. The potato-leek soup was salt-less and tasteless. I added the last of one of my bottles of seasoning just to make it taste like something.

Played some Lego Star Wars for a while after dinner. Finished out the New Hope rounds. I did get True Jedi on "Death Star Attack" and the first level to cover Leia's rescue (the latter thanks to playing that mini-game that lets you shoot down TIE fighters.) Didn't do well anywhere else. Those Walkers literally killed me in "Mos Eisley Spaceport," not to mention that one takes forever. At least I did a little bit better with the mosaic that you have to build to proceed in the second Leia's rescue round (even if I lost quite a bit of studs doing it).

Finished the night on YouTube with something I've been hoping to find. I dubbed the first Broadway's Lost Treasures collection of numbers from the Tonys a couple of years ago and have been hoping to pick up the other two ever since. I may still see if I can buy them somewhere. For now, finding Volumes II and III online will do.

Broadway's Lost Treasures II
Broadway's Lost Treasures III 

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