Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Laundry In the Rain

It was late when I finally got moving this morning. The sun was still shining as I had my breakfast while watching the second season Monkees episode "The Wild Monkees." The guys find themselves railroaded into working for peanuts at a sleepy hotel by its rather obnoxious owner. They're happier about their situation when three very tall and lovely motorcycle chicks check least until their vicious biker gang boyfriends appear. Trying to avoid being pounded into the pavement, the Monkees opt to join a local motorcycle race instead.

Headed out to the laundromat as soon as the episode ended. Even as I made my way there, dark clouds were moving in. It was warm and humid for April, and very windy. Thankfully, I was long inside before the storm came. The lights even flickered briefly while they were in the dryer, though they never went out. Of course, by the time the dryer was done, the storm was coming down in full force. Good thing it didn't last long. The moment it slowed down, I rushed home.

After I put everything away, I had a quick lunch, then did some cleaning. Scrubbed the bathroom while listening to a couple of my Have a Nice Day! 70's rarities CDs. Switched to the Broadway cast album of The Drowsy Chaperone while doing the kitchen. A huge musical fan tells the audience about his favorite 20's show, the title show-within-a-show. The title character is the tipsy chaperone of Janet (Sutton Foster), a big stage star who is on the verge of getting married. While ditzy Mrs. Tottenham (Georgina Engel) tries to help the groom's best friend get the wedding on the road, Janet's boss, the head of Feldzig's Follies, wants his star attraction back on the job and tries to get the wedding canceled.

Spent a few hours writing after I finished the kitchen. Leia and Han see troops riding through town leading people in chains. Turns out that they're magicians who are being taken to Coruscant for Palpatine to strip them of their magic. Leia follows them to a small farm, where a group of them try to take away a man and his son who have magic. Leia and Han help the mother, daughter, and their big friend get rid of the troops.

Threw on a Three Stooges short while eating the last of the quiche for dinner. "Grips, Grunts, and Groans" have the trio helping a wrestling promoter get his boy ready for the big show. When they accidentally get the wrestler drunk, Curly replaces him in the ring. He's definitely not John Cena...until he gets a whiff of Wild Hyacinth perfume and starts attacking the opposition and everyone in sight!

Played Wii Sports for an hour. I did a lot of boxing tonight to make up for not having gotten out earlier. Got KOs on all three regular rounds I played and beat my personal best on the bags. I still need to work on Dodging and aiming for targets. I also need to work on my timing on tennis and baseball. I just can't seem to time my swing or my bat properly. The ball goes off to the side instead of where I want it to go.

Finished the night with Singin' In the Rain. It's 1929, and Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) and Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) are Monumental Pictures' biggest stars. Lina may be attractive, but she has a voice that could curdle yogurt and a diva personality to match. Don's more interested in Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds), whom he met when she accidentally "rescued" him after he had to dodge overly adoring fans. Even as Don pursues Kathy, sound is taking Hollywood by storm. Trouble is, between early sound headaches and Lina's screechy voice, their first talkie is a disaster. Don's friend Cosmo Brown (Donald O'Connor) suggests making it into a musical, with Kathy dubbing Lina. That works fine, until jealous flapper actress Zelda Zanders (Rita Moreno) lets the cat out of the bag. Lina not only wants Kathy to stay her voice, but wouldn't mind getting her hands on the studio, either. Don and Cosmo have to reveal the truth about Lina without doing further damage to Kathy's career.

This is one of the best musicals ever made, and is considered by many to be one of the best movies of all time, period. Certainly, it has some of my favorite numbers from any MGM musical. In addition to Kelly's famous title romp in the rain, we have the joyous trio "Good Morning," O'Connor's "Make 'Em Laugh" that was so wild, he ended up in the hospital for exhaustion, and O'Connor and Kelly's fun duos "Fit as a Fiddle" and "Moses Supposes." If you're a fan of the cast or musicals in general, this beloved charmer is an absolute must-see.

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