Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Welcome to the Holidays

Began a cloudy morning with breakfast and Body Language. The very strange pair of Elke Sommer and Jim J. Bullock were the ones giving the charades clues today. It was no contest. Though they tied in the main rounds, Jim really threw himself into his clues and easily helped his male contestant win 9,000 dollars.

The mother-daughter team once again dominated Blockbusters. They defeated the young man in the beginning, then breezed through the Gold Run. They were half-way through their game with a young lady when the episode ended.

Switched to the first two Peanuts Christmas specials after I ate. A Charlie Brown Christmas has Chuck depressed by all the grab, grab around him. Lucy encourages him to take over the local Christmas pageant, but the kids would rather turn it into a jazz concert. It takes his purchase of a tiny tree and a famous speech from Linus to remind him of what the holiday is really all about. It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown has Chuck selling wreaths to earn money to buy a present for the Little Red Haired Girl. Meanwhile, Marcie takes Peppermint Patty to the Hallelujah Chorus, Sally tries to remember her lines for the Christmas pageant, and Snoopy acts a a sidewalk Santa.

Did the dusting in the rest of the apartment while the cartoons were on. It probably wouldn't have taken me an hour and a half if I hadn't stopped to occasionally read one of the books in my bedroom or the hall. The hall shelves were dustier than most of the ones in the bedroom, but none of them were really that horrible. We haven't lived here for that long, and the apartment just isn't that big.

Put Match Game '74 on while I finished, and then as I had a quick lunch. The first episode ran into trouble towards the end, when a contestant just could not figure out the answer to a question asking what happened after Robinson Crusoe's man Friday stuffed fruit in his ear. Robert Morse doing ape imitations behind Gene's back probably didn't help matters. The panel got so close to rioting over their answers, they ended up dumping the question and redoing the round. Robert didn't do much better in the second episode when he accidentally revealed an answer too early and they had to throw out the question. (No wonder this would be his only week on the show.)

Did A Garfield Christmas Special on The Roku Channel as I finished lunch. Garfield's not thrilled about Jon dragging him to his parents' farm for Christmas, until he realizes how much he has in common with his sassy grandma. Grandma's missing her husband badly, but Garfield finds a way to make her Christmas a little merrier.

As soon as I finished, I went outside and tangled with the bike. This time, it took me longer to get the tire back on the rim than it did to attach the wheel to the frame. I probably should have taken the back wheel apart ages ago anyway. I've needed to tighten the chain on my bike for weeks now. After a great deal of frustration and anger, yes, I got the tube inflated and the tire back on the bike, and yes, it's working fine again.

Tested it with a ride to the laundromat. I was originally going to do it tomorrow, but since I had extra time, I figured I'd get it done today. Despite them being dead and the cold, blustery day, I still sat outside to work on story notes. After I got my very small load into the dryer, I strolled a few blocks down to Family Dollar. Picked up hand soap, honey, antibacterial wipes, and two Christmas cards. 

Press Your Luck was on by the time I got home. Came in mid-way through the first board round. Everyone picked up something the first time around. Things got a lot crazier in the second go. It came down to the champ and the one lady. He eventually picked up a diamond bracelet, a trip to the Bahamas, a speed boat, and hit no Whammies. 

Worked on writing after I put everything away (including Felicity's Summer Dress, which I finally found for a half-way decent price on eBay). Went back and added Richard somewhat reluctantly telling Governor Goodson where the treasure is hidden in the ship...but he's just as horrified as everyone else when the corrupt official says he'll be destroying the Marauder. Gene watches his beloved vessel be blown to bits as he manages to swim to some debris. He's about ready to pass out in the cold waters of the Atlantic when a passing ship fishes him out...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftovers while watching Match Game '75. Major ham Jack Cassidy and smoky-voiced Conny Van Dyne joined Gene and the regulars as Betty White passionately kissed a handsome contestant...and Gene came pretty close to doing so as well as a gag. Match Game PM got even wilder. Roger Dobowitz the cue card boy somehow mistook "parachute" for "pair of shoes, and Dick Martin opted to follow a red-clad Elaine Joyce out the door in the end. 

The champion dominated Sale of the Century full-stop today. The woman won a Fame Game board, but otherwise did nothing. The man did push him a little, but the champ eventually bought all three Instant Bargains and killed at the Speed Round. He won a nice bar on the Match the Prizes board.

Put up the first of the Christmas decorations as the shows continued. It was hardest to find a place for my nativity, which is huge. I had to move the CD binders to the living room closet, then move the coffee table books that were on top of the shelf in the living room to the crate where the CD binders were. Had an easier time with the garlands. Every window has hangers for the curtain rods; I just draped the garlands on them. I wasn't going to put up a garland in the bathroom, so I fluffed it around the ledge in my bedroom instead.

Finished out the night online with Lady Be Good. I go further into this lively musical featuring Ann Sothern and Eleanor Powell dancing to Busby Berkeley choreography at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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