Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Con Artist and the Writer

I began a warm, sunny, windy day with a call to Mom. She just sent me a lovely Easter card yesterday, and I hadn't talked to her in a while. She's been busy with work at the Ferry. In fact, I'd caught her on one of her two days off. She was just about to go out and run some errands. I told her about seeing the show with Rose last week, my vacation, and my Easter plans. I'm hoping to go out to Easter brunch somewhere (probably the Pop Shop, but I may go elsewhere if they're too busy), then do what I did on New Year's and go into Philly for their Easter parade. Mom's working, but she may do something afterwards. She says she regrets having worked Christmas. It was too sad. She won't work Christmas this year.

I spent most of the morning cleaning the kitchen. It really needed it. The sink was really grungy, and the counters were pretty bad, too. I ran out of time to clean under the sink or in the pantry. I'll do that later in the week or early next week. I'm out of paper towels, so I can't do the windows, either. 

I ran two episodes of an old favorite TV show of mine, Remember WENN, as I cleaned. This long-lost AMC sitcom involved the trials and tribulations of a radio station from 1939 through the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. I opted for two of the series' most exciting and involving episodes. In the second season finale "Magic," while spouses Hilary Booth and Jeff Singer perform their mind-reading act on the air, writer Betty Roberts and station manager Scott Sherwood try to figure out who put the strange codes in one of their programs. The villain is a big surprise...and so is the arrival of former station manager Victor Comstock, who supposedly died in the London Blitz the season before.

Betty's still trying to make sense of it all in the third season opener, "In the WENN Small Hours." She's not the only one. The rest of the WENN staff is slowly trickling back to the studio, all of them more than a little weary from their previous adventures. Meanwhile, Eugenia Bremer, the organist who hosts their overnight program, is supposed to be interviewing an explorer who hasn't been in the US for two years. The explorer catches Betty and Victor talking secrets, but they use his lack of knowledge of the events of the past two years to their advantage. And then, Victor lets drop a very interesting tidbit about his friendship with Scott Sherwood...or lack thereof....

Switched to Max & Ruby springtime episodes as I had a quick lunch and got ready for work. Ruby searches for eggs in their yard, so she can win a chocolate chicken the Easter Bunny left. But "Max's Chocolate Chicken" proves to be irresistible to her younger brother, no matter how many eggs he's found. Ruby and Louise want to use Max as a beauty salon client in "Ruby's Beauty Shop." Max would rather mess around with their fur dye. Ruby doesn't know what to make of it when her brother takes off in his toy car in "Max Drives Away." There's quite a surprise in store when she finds out where he went!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day when I went to work, sunny, windy, and in the upper 50's - lower 60's. That could be why we weren't that busy. It was off and on all day. It's the beginning of the month, so it was never slow, but it could have been a lot worse. Other than some annoying people, there were no major problems. I was in and out.

I went straight home after I got out. I threw together a tasty black bean and vegetable stew in the Crock Pot before I left work. When I got home, I enjoyed my zesty meal while watching more WENN. Betty - and the audience - is wondering "Who's Scott Sherwood?" after Victor Comstock's revelation in the season opener. She's not the only one, either. Nasty financier Rollie Pruitt shows up at the station with a word Scott's dreading - audit. Scott's been embezzling funds for a Memorial for the, ahem, "late" Victor Comstock, and it finally caught up with him. The others try to end the shows in an attempt to support Scott. Betty's not too sure he's worth supporting, especially after she catches him in a lie about how well he knew Victor Comstock that's even more damaging. 

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