Wednesday, April 08, 2015

What Might Have Been Can Live Again

Started the day with two more Remember WENN episodes. "There But for Grace" is an early first season episode, and the first to go into more detail about diva Hilary Booth and high-minded station manager Victor Comstock. Hilary's old Broadway rival Grace Cavendish (real-life Broadway diva Patti LuPone) is coming to the station to sing a song on their Glint Grab-Bag variety show and promote a charity and her new tour. Hilary thinks she's there to steal her thunder. Grace's real interest is in Victor, whom she dated when they were in New York. (This episode is notable for LuPone's lovely interpretation of the show's theme song, the first of two episodes where its lyrics are performed.)

Skipped way ahead to the end of the second season as I got ready for work. Betty almost becomes "The First Mrs. Bloom," due to the sponsor of their bridal show (Julie Haggarty) thinking they marry real couples on the air. Scott Sherwood has been diverting the funds from the bridal show for a memorial for the late (cough) Victor Comstock. When Mackie, who had once left Penelope at the alter, tells her that he and Betty are going to get married on the show today, they have to seem to go through with the deception for Scott's sake.

Work was almost exactly the same as yesterday - on and off steady, very quiet during the down times. It never got worse than mildly steady, even during rush hour. The gloomy, cold, misty weather we've had all day probably contributed to the calm. I spent the off times cleaning and stocking candy on our new shelves. Thankfully, the college girl who was my relief was on time. I was able to rush home with no problems.

When I got home, I changed and finished out the Remember WENN episode I started before I left for work. "Like a Brother" spotlights silent sound effects man Mr. Foley and kindly old go-fer Tom Eldridge. Mr. Foley's loud and obnoxious salesman brother Blair is the spokesman for a hearing aids sponsor who wants a new variety show on WENN. Not only is he a talkative jerk to his brother, but he's overbearing to Pepper Carnasie (Eddie Bracken), the elderly former vaudevillian who does his commercials, as well. This hurts Tom Eldridge deeply. Pepper is an old friend of his. When even Scott's annoyed by a guy, you know he's a pain. Scott, Mr. Foley, and C.J come up with a way to use Mr. Foley's new laugh track machine to show Blair just how important listening to others is.

It was the moment of judgement. I went online, partially to finish up some class work (my online course ends Friday), but mostly to check and see if I had jury duty tomorrow. Not only am I reprieved, but so is all of Camden County. No jurors were called for tomorrow. Thank heavens! I'll be able to run some small errands, do my final exam, finish cleaning the apartment, and volunteer at Studio LuLoo. (And no needing to get a ride with Rose to Camden at 7 in the morning.)

I decided to stay in the 40's as I had leftovers for dinner and made Sweet Potato-Chocolate Chip Cookies. Moved to the first season of Wonder Woman that was set during World War II. Diana Prince (and the audience) learns more about how money is made and distributed in "The Last of the Two Dollar Bills." The Nazis capture the treasury official in charge of the printing plates for the two-dollar bill and his fiancee and replace them with look-a-like spies who steal the plates. Wonder Woman and Steve pursue the evil Nazi master-of-disguise Wotan as he tries to undermine the US economy and its war effort.

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