Monday, April 27, 2015

WENN Adventures

I began the day with some Remember WENN before I had to spend the day at work. We learn "The Importance of Being Betty" in the mid-third season. Betty's offered a job at the prestigious magazine The New Yorker. The others don't want to hold her back, so they try to show that they can get along without her. Trouble is, Pruitt's doing the writing. Now every show is about either numbers or death. Betty has to get things back on track and prove just how important she is to the station and the others.

I decided it was finally time to get the ball rolling on the fourth season. "Some Time, Some Station" mostly answers the infamous "Happy Homecomings" cliffhangers. Victor Comstock comes out of his mind control thinking that it's 8 AM and time to start the broadcast day! While the others react to his miraculous recovery, Hilary tries to avoid Jeff, and Betty attempts to get Pruitt to tell her whom Victor's contact is.

Mr. Eldridge is saying "Thanks a Lottery!" when he wins a ton of cash in a European sweepstakes. The others all have their ideas of what he should do with his windfall. Pruitt, arrested though he may be, isn't done causing trouble indirectly. He's shunted WENN into another, stricter company that slashes the budget, forbids women in managerial positions, and imposes a mandatory age for retirement that Mr. Eldridge is long past. Though he seems to lose the ticket, it's the older man who finally figures out how to get the company and jerk bosses like Pruitt off their backs for good.

Work was actually pretty quiet for a lot of the morning, not helped by chilly, blah weather. It did pick up by rush hour. In fact, rush hour was fairly busy, with long lines from 3:30 until 6. One woman in the morning did give me a hard time when she accused me of going too fast and snapping at her, but that woman claims that every time she comes in my line, and the people behind her said I did nothing wrong. She cut in front of the people behind her, too. What's wrong with waiting a few minutes? It doesn't kill you. Other than her, my 8 hour day went fairly quickly. It had slowed down enough by 7 that I was able to leave with no trouble.

If nothing else, I got two scraps full of ideas for my WENN American Revolution spoof fanfic out of today. I've been grabbing random scraps of paper and writing down ideas whenever I can - between customers, during breaks. I've pretty much got most of the story. Now, I just have to get it all organized and write it down.

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