Saturday, April 25, 2015

Trouble In the Morning

I had my early 8 AM shift today. It wasn't fun. I was tired and cranky, and my customers were only a little happier. I know I was more rude than I should have been, especially with one man who thought a brand of barbecue sauce was on sale when it wasn't. I got fussed at again by one of the managers for being rude and being slow. Ok, I shouldn't have been rude...but I was tired. I'm not used to working this early anymore. I really, REALLY wish they'd give me a consistent schedule. And I'm getting fed up with the complaining about me being slow. When I try to go as fast as they want, the customers say I don't need to go that fast. They're not in a hurry, so why should I rush?

I couldn't get out of there quick enough. It was still below-average chilly this morning, but it had gotten warmer and sunnier by 2 PM. I bought toilet paper and scones and hurried out. I decided to take the long way home down Nicholson and enjoy the nice weather. The traffic on Nicholson was pretty bad, but it was fine once I went over the hill and onto Atlantic. 

As soon as I got home, I took a nap. I went to sleep at 2:30 and got up at 4. It didn't really help that much. I still felt tired, frustrated, and dazed. I grabbed a notebook and decided to write down ideas for my WENN swashbuckler spoof to clear my head. Just writing the stuff I had planned for Scott's character filled over a page and a half alone. I've been writing down ideas at work on whatever small pieces of paper I can grab without anyone noticing, which means I had lots of small pieces of "no sale" papers floating around my desk that had to be notated. 

I had scrambled eggs with zucchini, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese for dinner and strawberry buttermilk cake for dessert while finishing out the Sailor Moon set. Poor Naru picks the wrong guy to fall in love with. She's crazy about Nephrite, even after she learns how evil he is. First, he uses her to get to a princess at a big party whose secret treasure may be the Silver Crystal. Naru's lucky Usagi badly wanted to attend a ball and is there to help her out. Then, he thinks she may have the Silver Crystal, so he goes to her and tries to persuade her to bring it to him. Even after Usagi tells her he's a villain, Naru still insists she cares about him, to the point of saving him from Sailor Moon's tiara.

Switched to a less dire Remember WENN episode as I cleaned up from dinner. It's "Two For the Price of One" when Pruitt's secretary Miss Cosgrave signs the cast up to do programming for not only their station, but radio station WEEP as well. They sign up the entire staff to do shows, even Gertie and Mr. Eldridge. Trouble comes in the form of WEEP manager Mr. Crowley. He loves their shows so much, he wants to use them for his station...and his station alone. Scott, Betty, and C.J come up with a way to mix up the programming and keep their shows at WENN where they belong.

I wanted to get out into the fresh air after being inside for most of the day. I grabbed my coat and boots and jumped on my bike. Stopped at Common Grounds Coffee House for a chai latte and to collect my thoughts. I'm so frustrated about this morning. I wish I could explain about being shy and an introvert to the managers. I took this job to make money in college, not to be my permanent career. I just don't know where to go next. 

I rode around the neighborhood, enjoying the cool breezy and the partially cloudy evening. I hopped off my bike at the small playground on the end of Cedar and goofed around. I climbed the stairs. I dove through the tunnel. I just barely squeezed down the wavy slide. 

There were quite a few people out and about tonight. I saw many folks - interestingly, most of them adults - getting ice cream and water ice at Phillies Yummies. There were quite a few kids out playing catch or riding bikes, or just walking around and chatting. Adults strolled with friends or chatted on their porches or patios, or just enjoyed the spring evening. 

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