Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Studio Serenade

After I finished The Pirates of Penzance during breakfast, I spent most of the morning working on my WENN swashbuckler spoof. This thing is just getting bigger and bigger by the minute. I'm only on page 10, and I haven't really gotten into any action yet. I just had Lady Hilary and Lord Jeffrey return from the Mexican colonies to find themselves more married than they'd like. Considering I have at least 7 and 1/2 pages worth of notes and more I have to write down, this may end up being as long as the wonderful novel-length mystery featuring Betty Linda Young wrote a while back.

I wrote for two hours on and off. I finally opted to take a walk and stretch a bit around noon. I volunteered at Studio LuLoo again. They were quiet when I arrived. Roxy was the only one there this time. She did dishes and worked on her laptop while I cut more cups into flowers. It was rather soothing, really. My right thumb is half-numb, but the repetition helps me think.

I did some more Remember WENN as I had leftovers for lunch. Scott creates "The Follies of WENN after a buddy of his offers a thousand dollars to see a burlesque show on Sunday. The staff ends up creating their own show, with everyone doing a specialty. While that does mean we get to hear some wonderful songs and see a couple of cute numbers, it also means Betty and Maple could be in big trouble. The Barbican Hotel for Women, where Betty lives and Maple wants to, is reviewing both their status, and they may not approve of them doing a bump and grind on the air.

Work was actually quite busy the entire night. First of all, tomorrow is the beginning of the month. A lot of people either have gotten or are getting their government money. Second, this is the weekend of the Kentucky Derby. I'm not into horse racing, but I know a lot of people follow it. You wouldn't believe how much mint we sold for mint juleps tonight! Thankfully, considering tonight was my late shift, the night went fairly fast.

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