Friday, May 01, 2015

May Day Swashbuckling

It was still sunny out when I got up this morning. I began my day with an action-packed episode of Perfect Strangers. Even Chicago's most mismatched cousins come out swashbuckling in "Family Feud" from the sixth season. Larry gets caught up in a feud between the Bartokomous family and a family from the next island over when he insults the heir's eyebrows. Larry's nobody's Errol Flynn, but when Balki can't find a way out of the duel, he takes it over himself!

I spent the next hour or so writing. I've just been coming up with a flood of ideas! Jeff just caught Scott and Maple plotting to rob several wealthy large businesses in Pittsburgh Village. They're going to let him in on some of their secrets. Jeff gets Scott to tell Betty part of the truth - there's money coming in, and Scott's getting it from local businesses. He just doesn't tell her how. Next up, I'll have Pruitt and Cosgrave arrive to inspect their holdings. While Cosgrave wails over the Crimson Blade's stealing from their companies, Pruitt will invite the Inn's residents to a ball. Scott's suspicious, especially when Pruitt eyes Betty, too...

I continued with Remember WENN as I made a quick lunch. It's awards time at the station in "Pratfall." WENN has been nominated for 16 PRATs, Pittsburgh's prestigious radio awards, including writing nominations for Betty, acting noms for Scott and Jeff, and a nomination for Eugenia for her workout show. While Eugenia tries for truth in advertising and actually work out, Scott looks for a letter from Victor and Hilary attempts to bribe the cast into nominating her for an overall excellence award.

Ran It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown while I had a quick lunch. While the kids are in school, Snoopy is having a great time playing sports, getting exercise, and dancing up a storm at a local disco! This is one of the few Peanuts specials that's totally representative of the time it was made, in this case the early 80's. It's also one of the few out-and-out musical Peanuts specials, with far more songs than most other outings. Other than a few school gags with the kids, I really don't recommend this one. If you get Snoopy and Friends or Snoopy's Reunion, get it for Snoopy's Reunion.

Work was...boring. It was steady to pin-drop quiet for the entire afternoon. It was really surprising for the beginning of the month. I guess everyone went away for the weekend once they got news of the nice weather we'll be having tomorrow and Sunday. My relief was on time, and I was in and out with no problems. In fact, one of the managers told me a customer praised how I handled a particularly grumpy man earlier in the day.

Even my schedule's decent. Slightly fewer hours than last week and one early day on Thursday. Otherwise, all morning and early afternoon hours, nothing later than 4 PM. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off again. Nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year.

I didn't have much grocery shopping to do, either. I decided to stock up on some expensive things I'd put off getting. Energizer battery 8-packs were on sale for $4.99 - I needed AA's. Needed pads, too. Those tubes of ground turkey I bought a while back were still on sale; I bought two. Found lamb chops with a manager's coupon. I'll have them for dinner tomorrow. Restocked apples, tangelos, grapefruit, crushed pineapple, canned apricots, and eggs.

When I got home, I first ran a Three Stooges short while getting everything put away and changing into regular clothes. The three are "Restless Knights" who have been sent to protect a young queen from her scheming courtiers. Alas, the queen is kidnapped anyway while they're wrestling for the court. They have to find her or lose their lives!

Did the first half of Deep In My Heart while eating leftovers for dinner. The last of MGM's composer biography semi-revues covers early 20th century operetta master Sigmund Romberg (Mel Ferrer). Romberg comes to New York from Vienna to become a classical composer, but writing popular Broadway hits proves to be more lucrative. With the help of his friend Dorothy (Merle Oberon), he manages to get his dream operetta Maytime on the boards. He's back to doing silly Al Jolson vehicles afterwards, until a pretty debutante makes him realize that there's room or Broadway for more than just goofy dance tunes. If you love operettas or are a fan of any of the cast, there's a lot to recommend here, including a sensuous "One Alone" pas de deux with James Mitchell and Cyd Charisse and a lovely "Will You Remember?" performed by Vic Damone and Jane Powell.

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