Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Winds of Spring

I started off a sunny, windy day with more work on my story. Betty is now worried about Pruitt raising the rent and prices and lowering budgets at the Inn. Meanwhile, Scott and Mackie have larger concerns about some fishy advertisements they got from the Seldon Sentry Bank...which happens to have the mortgage on the Inn. Then Betty hears the others talking about how Jonathan Arnold has a different writing style, and she realize Victor Comstock didn't write the articles - and he may be in big trouble.

I watched Max & Ruby episodes before and after writing. "Ruby's Safari" takes Ruby and Louise on a journey through the backyard to find an exotic animal for their Bunny Scouts Scrapbook. What they keep finding is Max's toys. Ruby and Louise wants Max to try their new line of beauty products made from fruits and vegetables. Max would rather have "Max's Mud Bath." While Ruby and Louise design a terrarium for the Scouts' pet chameleon, Max watches his transformations in "Max's Lost Lizard." Ruby tells the story of "Ruby Riding Hood" to keep her brother's hands off the cookies she intends for Grandma. The tale of "Max and the Beanstalk" is intended to get him to eat his green beans. Louise relates the tale of "The Froggy Prince" to remind Ruby that even a frog can be a real star.

Work was on-and-off busy for most of the day. It didn't help that many people were grouchy for some reason, and I'm dead tired. I'm not used to getting up early a lot, both for work and for writing. I was grateful that they sent a college student in - I had no relief.

I went straight home via Nicholson Road. When I got in, I changed, then made salmon with asparagus and scallions and a salad for dinner. Watched a first season episode of Wonder Woman while I ate. "The Pluto Files" are a formula that can start a man-made earthquake. A charming mercenary steals the formula for the Nazis, hoping to use it to blow up the Washington D.C area. What he doesn't know is that he's carrying a highly contagious disease, and he's already spread it to several other people. Diana and Steve have to stop him from blowing D.C....and making everyone in D.C sick.

Though it was still warm, it was neither as warm, nor as humid, as the weekend was. There was a strong wind that kept the extreme heat at bay. I decided it was a perfect night for a walk. So did a lot of other people. I saw quite a few groups of parents out playing with their kids, people walking their dogs, and older kids in groups chatting. I ended up at Phillies Yummies. Bought a small lime vanilla Yum Yum and watched the various groups of kids and parents enjoy their treats.

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