Sunday, May 17, 2015

Taking Notes

Ugh. It was so darn humid when I got up this morning. I turned on the air conditioning and put on the two records I bought yesterday. Strawberry Shortcake and the Winter That Would Not End was especially intriguing. The record itself was a picture disc, a record with drawings etched onto it. The illustrations were the lovely color sketches that came directly from the book. The story of how Strawberry and her friends pursued a grumpy badger who stole the Snow Crystal to keep spring from coming was a favorite of my sisters and me in the early and mid 80's.

I'm glad I found The Muppet Movie soundtrack. I actually had a cassette version of this in the early 90's, but I got rid of that ages ago. "The Rainbow Connection" and "Can You Picture That?" are my favorites of the vocal numbers. I actually wish they'd included more score - I do love that jazzy instrumental version of "I Hope That Something Better Comes Along" on side 2.

Work was busy for a lot of the day. I was once again listed as a bagger. I spent the first half-hour or so helping other baggers round up carts. That didn't last long. The lines got so long, I ended up spending the rest of the day behind a counter. Thankfully, it did slow down enough by 3:30 that I was able to shut down with no relief and no need for one.

I was originally either going to take a nap when I got home or go for a walk. Though it was sunny and not that hot, it was still really, really humid. It rained earlier, but it didn't look like it was going to rain anytime soon. Still, better safe than sorry. I spent the rest of the evening inside, adding more notes for my story to the notebook I bought on Thursday. I had 12 small no sale papers of notes sitting on my desk after I got home from work! It was time to get them organized. It took me more than two hours to get it all written down.

Finally made the salmon fillets with garlic and pepper I bought on Friday for dinner. Oooh, yum yum. I cooked it in a sauce made of water, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, and home-made chicken stock. Added steamed asparagus and a lettuce salad for a delicious spring evening meal

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