Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Sailor Guardians and the Radio Actors

It was cloudy, windy, and blissfully cooler when I finally dragged myself out of bed this morning. I finished The Copenhagen Connection, then ran a couple of Remember WENN episodes I hadn't done as I ate breakfast. "Strange Bedfellows" jumps back to the second season. Hilary and Jeff run against each other for Pittsburgh's city council, but the last thing they're expecting is for politics to be a full-time job. A folksy local sports hero shows up at their debate and reminds them of just how difficult it can be to run for office. Meanwhile, the others are taking a poll on the race for mayor, which Scott Sherwood doesn't seem to be taking seriously.

Moved to the mid-third season for "And How!" The staff is initially excited to be performing the wildly popular western "The Strange Loner" during a national broadcast, at least until the star of the show turns up drunk and unable to perform. Mackie Bloom badly wants the starring role, and not playing a Tonto variation that sounds worse than Johnny Depp's take on the sidekick part, either. When a real Native American actor (Russell Means) shows up to play the sidekick, the others help him keep his role. Meanwhile, Eugenia introduces the gang to a new and adventurous food - pizza!

I headed out around 11:30 to run today's errands. My first stop was Studio LuLoo. Roxy and a couple of the other volunteers were doing computer work. I mostly cleaned - swept the floor, vacuumed the rugs, did the dishes. One of the women had the most adorable little toddler daughter there. She didn't like the vacuum, though. Poor thing got so upset, her mommy took her outside for a little while as I was running it.

Next up was a quick look at the Oaklyn Library. Not a whole lot going on there today. I didn't even have much to do with the DVD's. I took a cursory glance at everything, then just headed out. I was out in less than a half-hour.

I wasn't up to going home yet. I decided I needed a little shopping therapy, so I wandered up to the White Horse Pike to browse at the House of Fun. Two of the men who run the store were sitting on the floor, going through an enormous pile of loose vintage action figures, when I arrived. I stepped around them and did my usual look around. Once again, I just ended up with more Sailor Moon, this time the second half of the first season. It cost me 45 dollars, but it was worth it. (And it looks like the first half of the second season will be out in July, from what says. I may pre-order it - it's cheaper there than at the House of Fun.)

Had lunch at Capitol Pizza, since they're on the next block over from the House of Fun. They were pretty quiet, other than Meredith Live on the TV. I ate my cheese and mushroom slices and drank my can of Diet Coke in silence. My last stop was at Family Dollar for drain cleaner (again - the drains in the kitchen and bathroom are still running slow).

When I got home, I poured the drain cleaner down both of the aforementioned slow drains, then spent the next hour or so dusting. The pollen has been absolutely dreadful this year. Even the places I dusted a few days ago came up heavily yellow. Ugh! It's been driving my nose crazy. I've been sneezing for hours.

Ran Sailor Moon episodes as I worked. The first disc on this set introduces Sailor Jupiter, aka Makoto, a tough tomboy who hits hard, cooks well, and enjoys chasing boys almost as much as Usagi. The new villain is Zoycite, the rather feminine Negaverse general who antagonizes Tuxedo Mask and annoys the girls. (And Zoycite is actually a man this time, rather than having a woman's voice.)

The first episode on the disc is one of the series most touching, and one of the few to just barely concern Sailor Moon or any of her friends. Poor Naru is captured by some of Zoycite's monsters, who want to use her to bring Nephrite out of hiding. Nephrite thinks she knows where Sailor Moon is and takes off with her. She doesn't really mind...and he might have feelings for her, too. When he's hurt by Zoycite's monsters, she's determined to save him, even when it's obvious he's doomed. This is one of the few pivotal episodes of the first season that was done really well in the original dub, and it comes off equally well here.

After Nephrite's death, we switch to collecting the "rainbow crystals." Each crystal is being held by some normal person who has no idea they're carrying it, until they change into a monster. One of the carriers is Ryu, a sweet, smart boy with a huge crush on Ami. Ami tells him he can change his own future when he worries that he'll have to kill her as a monster.

I returned to writing after I finished dusting. Lord Jeffrey just returned to the Inn, much to the dismay of his ex-wife Lady Hilary. Hilary basically said to Betty that if he stays, she goes. And then an oily, entirely-too-happy Pruitt shows up, insisting he has a surprise for that will change the course of events at the Inn...

Made Spring Turkey Vegetable Soup for dinner with canned turkey, canned organic tomato soup from the clearance rack at work, and whatever vegetables were in my crisper. When I finished dinner, I made simple, plain Banana Muffins for work with the recipe from my British baking book.

I continued with Sailor Moon during dinner. By far the funniest and cutest of the "rainbow crystals" episodes is the one where the carrier is a huge white cat named Rhett Butler who keeps saving Luna from Tokyo's alley cat population. The Guardians think it's the little girl who owns him who's carrying the crystal. Zoycite knows better. Meanwhile, Tuxedo Mask is after the rainbow crystals for a purpose even he really can't explain.

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