Friday, May 15, 2015

The End of the Guardians

Once again began a sunny day with breakfast and Sailor Moon. The Guardians are hot on the trail of the Negaverse's hideout and Tuxedo Mask. Endymion turns up in an attempt to recapture all of the Rainbow Crystals monsters, including Ami's boyfriend Ryo, but Sailor Mercury defeats him long enough for Sailor Moon to heal him. He disappears after that, though...

Another cut episode that wasn't included in the original 90's dub focused on Sailor Venus. We learn about her past in England, including her relationship with a woman police officer named Katerina and the boy they both loved, Allan. When Katerina comes to Japan and is possessed by the Negaverse, Usagi helps Minako heal her.

Spent the rest of the morning working on my story. Scott just admitted to Victor that he stole his job, and the two dealt with it in a gentlemanly fashion (that involved Scott getting a very nice black eye). Meanwhile, Mr. Eldridge won a big cash raffle, but he lost the ticket. The others think it got burned with Lady Hilary's love letters. Mr. Eldridge knows better...

Tonight, a drunken Scott reveals why the Crimson Blade is robbing the Governor to Maple and Hilary and pour out his frustrations over Victor, Elizabeth, and the loss of his men. Hilary discovers something of Scott's that once belonged to a noble house, and Scott tells the story of a friend whose family lost their wealth and lives to Pruitt's treachery.

Work was on-and-off busy, perfectly normal for the time of the week and year. I had no problems with anyone, and even came up with some more story ideas.My relief was on-time. The managers finally gave me my 50 dollar gift card for being Employee of the Month.

My schedule for the week is actually pretty darn good. Other than one early day on Wednesday, I have slightly more hours, but otherwise am par for the course for late spring. I have Monday and Tuesday off, the latter for counseling. While I will have to miss the Collingswood Farm Market again, I get off work on Wednesday early enough to hit the one in Westmont.

Instead of going right into grocery shopping, I went out to dinner. It was still a pretty nice night at that point, breezy and just warm enough. It was a great night for dinner at Sonic. I hadn't eaten at Sonic in ages. I even walked over there, rather than taking the bike. I wasn't the only one who opted to eat on the patio, either. Another family and a college student also enjoyed their meals outdoors. I ate my burger and tater tots and drank my favorite cherry limeade and watched the kids.

I took advantage of my gift card to pick up a few pricey things I'd put off, including canola oil (Wesson - not the greatest sale, but I needed it). Treated myself to a large salmon fillet that was five dollars, even with a manager's coupon. Restocked honey, canned chicken, eggs, buttermilk, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (which was on sale for $2.50), grapefruit, bananas, apples, canned mandarin oranges, tangelos, canned low-salt diced tomatoes, and tissues. Duncan Hines put out that two-color "Spring Velvets" cake mix again this year - grabbed it off the clearance rack for $1.69.

When I got home, I changed, put everything away, and finished out the first season of Sailor Moon. The Guardians are briefly flung back in time to discover their past lives in the Moon Kingdom and how Usagi's mother Queen Serenity gave her lives to save theirs. When a group of monsters kill off the Sailor Guardians, Sailor Moon becomes determined to avenge them and reawaken Tuxedo Mask's love, even at the cost of her own life.

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