Monday, May 18, 2015

Adventures In Washington and the West

It was still hot and muggy when I got up this morning. I enjoyed the air conditioning while watching more swashbuckling Get Smart. James Caan is the special guest villain Rupert of Rathskellar in the fourth season two-parter "From Sire With Love." Max's double, the King of Coronia, has come to the US to sell a diamond scepter that's a priceless heirloom. Rupert and the people he works for would do anything to get their hands on it. Max has to protect the king and the scepter, or at least remember where the scepter is. Meanwhile, 99 keeps mixing up Max and the king, and Max is getting awfully jealous. He poses as the king to test 99's love.

(And I have to give Max some credit - for a man who's clumsy at just about everything else, he's one heck of a swordsman!)

Headed out to get the laundry done around quarter of 11. Thank goodness it was a little busy but nothing like last Monday afternoon. I spent a pleasant hour reading Wings of the Falcon and listening to The Price Is Right and the local news.

When I got home, I ran an episode of F-Troop while putting everything away. Get Smart was hardly the only genre satire to hit the airwaves in the 60's. F-Troop usually had fun with western cliches, but "The Singing Mountie" from the second season takes the jokes further north. The titular Canadian law enforcer (Paul Lynde) comes to the fort to track down a French Canadian trapper who is a cousin of Commander Argorn (Larry Storch in a double role). The trapper, however, is innocent...and the Singing Mountie may not be whom he claims to be.

Headed to Amato Bros on the White Horse Pike for lunch. I saw Dad come in as I was eating my Bruschetta Di Parma hoagie (i.e, prosciutto,  fresh mozzarella, romaine lettuce, and diced tomatoes). He had some rather scary news - Jodie's oldest son T.J was mugged on his way home in South Philly. Jodie was in the hospital with him - Dad was picking up a hoagie for lunch on his way there. He wrote me that T.J was in intensive care, but he was recovering well and even regaining his memory. Wow. I know T.J lives in South Philly, but I never heard of anything like this happening to someone in the family.

I was still a little unnerved when I wound my way around the tail end of the lunch traffic to Westmont. I did a few quick errands while I was there. Dollar Tree still doesn't have non-mesh laundry bags, and I couldn't find any at Tuesday Morning, either. (And Tuesday Morning still doesn't have any Ever After High dolls I haven't seen.)

I had a far easier time at the Haddon Township Library than I did last week. In fact, they were surprisingly quiet for a hot day. I shelved as many of the DVDs as I could (the kids' section wasn't nearly as overloaded as usual - there were only a few S titles I couldn't get on), put away the two audio books, shelved new releases, and looked over the non-fiction DVDs to make sure they were all in place.

After a quick stop at WaWa for a Classic Lemonade Sparkling Ice soda, I spent the rest of the very hot and humid afternoon at home. It had been threatening rain on and off. It hasn't stormed yet at press time, but I didn't want to take chances. I worked on my story for the next few hours.

Elizabeth is frustrated. Sure, Victor's home, but he's been paying more attention to what's going on with the colonies and the upcoming Revolutionary War than to her or the Inn. Meanwhile, she doesn't know what to think of Scott, who's been disappearing again. Victor comes up with the idea to let the staff perform Elizabeth's enormous epic play for the next two and a half days. It'll break records and bring tons of publicity to the Inn. Scott, however, discovers that there's someone who doesn't want the play to succeed...and who is aligned with people who are determined to get the Inn away from it's new owner and find and capture the two Crimson Blades.

I stopped around 5:30 to have leftovers for dinner. I started My Sister Eileen, but didn't finish it before I went online or hit the shower. I'll have a full report on this very fun musical tomorrow.

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