Saturday, May 30, 2015

See You at the Movie Spoofs

Started another hot, sunny morning with Tiny Toon Adventures. More movie spoofs are the order of the day as Babs and Buster go theater-hopping in "Cinemaniacs." The "movies" they see are three shorts. Babs fights for truth, justice, and the Acme Acres way in "SuperBabs." Plucky, Hampton, and Furball explore the final Toon frontier in "Duck Trek." Buster and Montana Max spoof adventure tales and Indiana Jones in "Pasadena Jones and the Secret of Life."

I slept in a little after staying up late to do some writing. The story is moving along very nicely. The staff of the Monongahela Inn dressed as British soldiers (with Hilary as their general) to rescue C.J and the Crimson Blade's men from a rival inn across town. They're now heading for Captain Pavla's ship to rescue the guys...but they're too late to save Scott. Pruitt's already taken him away. Pavla still has Victor and Jeff, though, and the ladies won't be happy when they realize she intends to try to hypnotize Victor again...

I did have enough time to hit the farm market and check out a few yard sales today. While I didn't see anything in Oaklyn, I did find a vintage Ghostbusters picture book at a sale in Collingswood. I had far better luck at the farm market. They were packed, despite the hot and humid day. I didn't see any snap peas, but I did get my strawberries. I also picked up carrots, North Carolina blueberries (the Jersey blueberries won't be ready for a few weeks), radishes, the first zucchini and yellow squash of the year, and tangelos from the tropical fruit vendor.

Did more Tiny Toons when I got in. "Crimebusters" definitely dates this show to the early 90's. Buster is framed by Montana Max and his gang for stealing a slushee machine. He and Plucky end up in prison; when they're finally let out, they round up Montana Max in a rap showdown that must have seemed pretty cool in 1991 but looks absurd today.

Work was busier than it has been, otherwise mostly on-and-off steady. The heat may still be scaring people off. It's still going to be hot tomorrow, but it sounds like it'll start cooling off by Monday, when the rain finally arrives. It's also right before the beginning of the month, and we're between holidays. It'll probably pick up a little this week as people get their money. The only major problem was my forgetting to call the manager about a young man who tried to buy $1,000 worth of gift cards with a credit card. Thank goodness his card wouldn't let him do it. Otherwise, there were no major problems, and I was in and out.

When I got home, I made crab cakes with the last of the snap peas sauteed with scallions in lemon sauce and a radish and lettuce salad for dinner. Ran The Princess and the Pirate while I ate. Bob Hope's only vehicle for independent producer Samuel Goldwyn has him as Sebastian the Great, a cowardly actor who runs afoul of a nasty pirate, the Hook (Victor MacLaglan). He does manage to get off the Hook's ship with runaway Princess Margaret (Virginia Mayo), thanks to weird tattoo artist Featherhead (Walter Brennan). Now the two must flee the Hook and the corrupt governor (Walter Sleazak), who want a treasure map tattooed to Sylvester's chest! Lots of fun if you're a fan of Bob Hope or colorful swashbuckling comedies.

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