Tuesday, May 26, 2015

You've Got to Have Pirate-It-Tude

Started out today with my only early work shift this week. Between a sunny, hot day and this being the day after a major holiday, it was slow as a sloth for most of the morning and early afternoon. By the time it started picking up a little, I was on my way out. It was probably just as well. I'm still not used to these morning work days and was pretty tired.

I went straight home. When I got in, I worked on my story for a while. Lady Hilary Booth has just told her husband Jeffrey that she's married to another man...namely, Scott Sherwood. The marriage was one of convenience - Hilary just wanted to make Jeff jealous.

Captain Pavla turns up, gloating that she is keeping Scott prisoner for Pruitt at her ship. Desperate to get out of his marriage contract and get Scott to end his and Hilary's, Jeff agrees to give Pavla roles in the show in exchange for Scott and the marriage contract. Not the smartest idea, since it turns out to be a trap.

Mackie, Hilary, Maple, and Lester are worried about Jeff and Scott and are wondering what to do next next when Victor Comstock troops downstairs with the remaining staff members, including Betty. They've figured out what's going on and want to help. Cribby comes with them. He intends to use the money he got for capturing the Crimson Blade to take Pavla for a ride...but even he doesn't approve of what Pruitt intends to do to the dashing criminal. (I also re-wrote a bit of Scott's back history to make it sound slightly less melodramatic.)

Next up, while the others go to O'Malley's Bar to try to find C.J and the Crimson Blade's men, Victor will be going to Fort Pitt to round up the military...but he won't make it there, thanks to the Governor's guards and Pavla's pirates. Pavla knows the British would love to get their hands on "Johnathan Arnold" and the information he obtained in Boston.

After I got tired of sitting, I decided to get a jump on spring cleaning. I have to get the house spotless before Lauren visits in two weeks. I started with the bathroom. It was disgusting. There were telltale dark spots appearing on the shower tiles. I scrubbed them, and all of the tiles in the bathroom. The sink is starting to run slow again; I'll need to get more drain cleaner.

Ran The Black Swan as I cleaned, and later while I made chicken cheeseburgers, lettuce, and steamed snap peas for dinner. Tyrone Power is the dashing Captain Jamie Loring, a former buccaneer who now seeks out the Spanish for Governor Henry Morgan. Jamie falls for the lovely Margaret Denby (Maureen O'Hara), the daughter of the former governor. Her fiancee is conspiring with Morgan's enemies to get him out of Jamaica. Jamie kidnaps Margaret and seems to turn traitor and join the drunkard pirate Leech (George Sanders), but he really intends to lead him to Morgan. Meanwhile, Margaret tries to resist Jamie, but when he calls her his wife to explain why he left Jamaica, she begins to reconsider her feelings.

A wonderful bit of Technicolor pirate malarkey that's lots of fun to watch; look for George Sanders playing against type as the brutish Leech.

Finished out the night with a pirate-related episode of The Backyardigans. Austin plays Tyrone Power for Uniqua and Pablo in "Pirate Camp." He tries to teach the two to do most of the things Power did in The Black Swan, but Pablo in particular is nervous and keeps getting easily distracted by a certain red boot. That red boot belongs to the ghost of Captain Red Boot (Tasha), who'll tickle anyone who wears her boot until they turn into a ghost! When the boot gets stuck on Austin's foot, his campers show off what they've learned in order to rescue him.

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