Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fairy Tales and Funny Mysteries

I slept way later than I planned today and barely had the time to work on some writing. (I got some writing in later after dinner as well.) Lando escorts Han and Leia to a beautiful white, gold, and ginger-brown ballroom, assuring them that yes, he'll send people to find the missing Cecil. It turns out the ball is a party of two, for Han and Leia are the only guests. When the musicians strike up a lively tune, Leia offers to teach Han how to dance. They're both happy but breathless after they finish and decide to partake in refreshments...

Had just enough time to change, throw lunch in my bag, and rush off to work after I finished. I needn't have rushed. Work was dead almost the entire afternoon. I rounded up carts when I arrived and after break, but I mostly did returns. I spent an hour pulling items on Aisle 1 to look more presentable. I did get stuck in a register a few times, including for a half-hour before I left so two cashiers could go on their breaks. Thankfully, I finished gathering baskets just in time to head out the door.

When I got in, I took out the trash, then had the last of the chicken salad over romaine lettuce for dinner while watching more Be Cool, Scooby Doo. Mystery Inc is going to "Party Like It's 1899" when they're invited to a shindig that allows guests to dress as Victorian characters to solve a century-old monster mystery. The kids find how difficult it can be to try to solve a mystery when you're supposed to be someone else...especially when the ghost turns out to be real...

The ghost haunting the Star Theater is a real "Screama Donna." She's the phantom of a former singing star who has been driving away the bands that are supposed to play with popular singer Boots Malone. The kids form their own band in order to solve the case, but Velma's more than a bit nervous - she's no singer. She may not be Beyonce, but the others remind her that she has a talent all her own - explaining the culprit behind the mystery.

Even the kids question the appearance of a Yeti in a local restaurant in "Kitchen Frightmare." Scooby and Shaggy have a good friend who has opened his own cheese cafe. He's desperate to get good reviews, but the Yeti is driving off his staff. Shaggy and Scooby have to buckle down and serve food without eating it, while the others try to figure out why a snow monster is turning up in a cheese place in the dead of summer.

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