Friday, April 08, 2016

V for Philly Victory

Started a sunny but very windy morning with a little bit of Tiny Toon Adventures after Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ended. "Cinemaniacs" from the first season has Babs and Buster doing some (literal) theater-hopping as they check out three shorts spoofing popular movie franchises. "SuperBabs" has fun with the DC Universe as superheroine Babs saves Acme Acres from being inked out. Plucky, Hampton, and a rare speaking Furball go on a "Duck Trek" to avoid Gossamer Monster on a very hairy planet. "Pasadena Jones and the Secret of Life" has Buster channeling Indiana Jones as he dodges Montana Max and searches for that all-important artifact.

Work was busier than it has been the rest of this week. Though many people probably went to the big parade honoring college basketball national champs Villanova in Philly, others opted to take advantage of the sun before the rains come to get their shopping done. I mostly did returns, but I did have to duck into the register a few times.

Got my schedule during break. I'm working short shifts on Sunday and Monday, then I have a regular day off Tuesday, and then...vacation! It's running through the 19th. I'm not doing anything major besides a mall run, the usual chores, a lot of writing, counseling, and enjoying my birthday on Thursday. I was so busy through most of March, between work and everything going on here, I desperately need the week off.

I had a ton of grocery shopping to do today! They were running a lot of really good sales. Jenny-O Lean Ground Turkey was only $1.99! I couldn't resist that, even though I have ground turkey in the fridge. Chicken drumsticks were on sale, too. Took advantage of the continuing clearance of the older Acme generic brands to pick up a 12-pack of AA batteries at a good price. Had a ton of restocking to do, especially baking items - sugar, chocolate chips, bubble bath, tissues (I was almost out), pears (the ones I had last week were so darn juicy!), grapefruit, bananas, condensed Acme/Safeway generic Cream of Chicken and Tomato soups, brown sugar, Greek yogurt, aluminum foil, muffin cups, and peanut butter. Since I'd gotten a coupon for Wheat Thins Chips in one of the Monopoly game pieces, I thought I'd give them a shot.

When I got home and finally got everything put away, I did a quick writing session. Vader doesn't exactly take his daughter and a lowly criminal out-foxing his men well. He uses his magic to choke the man responsible to death. Another officer tell him the huntsmen he's called (the equivalent of bounty hunters in this universe) has arrived. They're scum, but as Vader points out, they're useful scum. They know Han better than the Imperial Army does. Meanwhile, Vader's master, King Palapatine, has arrived to talk about young Skywalker...

Finished the night with a quick leftovers dinner and an episode of Good Eats. The Wheat Thins are a rare treat for me. I almost never buy crackers in a box. Alton Brown provides three alternatives in "Going Crackers." The graham crackers look especially tasty. I need to look around for graham flour the next time I'm shopping for baking items.

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