Saturday, April 23, 2016

Little April Morning Showers

Actually, I began the day with relatively early work. It was raining when I headed to the Acme. Everyone I know is either out of town or working, so I just got wet. The rain kept it steady but not that busy in the morning. Once the rain vanished, everyone came out. It picked up later in the afternoon, and we had some decent lines by the time my relief arrived. There were no really major problems. I picked up baking powder, buttermilk, and vanilla on the way out, which I forgot to do yesterday.

Thankfully, it was sunny and windy by the time I headed home. When I got in, I put away my groceries and went into writing. Maz sends Leia and Han off with food and a warning - they'll get protection from her in the Woods, but once they leave, they're on their own. Han, in fact, wants to get to the Kingdom of the Clouds, where his friend Lando, a former huntsman-turned-nobleman, is running a mining colony. Leia has some very bad feelings and isn't sure she likes the idea, but Han reassures her that Lando is his friend and has no love for the Kingdom of the Empire.

Meanwhile, Boba Fett has snitched on them to Lord Vader. Vader can't go in the Woods...but he can fly over them. He wants to get to the Bespin Mountains first and set a trap for his wayward daughter and the gypsy thief who has stolen her heart...

I finished the night with a meatball sandwich, romaine lettuce salad with home-made balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and the latest Strawberry Shortcake episodes. The Berrykins shut down Berry Bitty City after a power surge knocks out all the power in town. The girls think of ways to get them outdoors and away from the noisy repairs. In the first story, they hold a relay race. In the second, they have fun with a scavenger hunt, and Cherry Jam tries to work on a new song and not get stressed. The repairs continue into the third story, despite the Berrykins' insistence that they'll be finished by tomorrow. The girls have a camp-out...but they're scared when all their camping gear keeps disappearing. They set a trap for the creature that's taking them. At first, they get Huck, but when it turns out he didn't steal their supplies, they decide to take matters into their own hands and find out just who the thief is.

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