Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Spring Awakens

I slept in again. Had a late breakfast while watching a couple of swashbuckling Backyardigans episodes. Pablo is "Robin Hood the Clean," who comes to Filthingham to save the villagers from from the very dirty Mayor Stinkypants (Austin) and teach him how much fun bathing can be. Pablo and Tyrone are "The Two Musketeers," making balloon animals and running from the Queen's Guards (Austin and Uniqua), but who is that hippo girl who wants to join them?

The laundromat was busy when I arrived around 12:30, with at least two or three families doing their laundry. Thankfully, they mostly seemed to be using the dryers at that point. I did get a washer with no problems. I had a very big pile of laundry to do, including towels. Listened to the news gush about Villanova's big win in the National Championships yesterday before The Chew came on.

As soon as I got home, I put everything away, then went right back out. It was really a rather nice day, very windy and rather chilly for April, but sunny and bright and actually not as bad as I thought it would be. (It could have been a lot worse. Lauren told me Western Massachusetts got three inches of snow over the weekend.) It was pretty late by the time I finally got going, past 2:30. I dodged traffic on Cuthbert and headed for Westmont.

First stop was Friendly's for lunch. They have a couple of specials going, among them a $9.99 meal that includes free ice cream. I had the basic All-American Burger (cheap fake patty on a brioche bun with lots of mayo, cheese, and veggies) and very hot fries. Decided I'd try something unusual for dessert. Friendly's ice cream specials this month have a candy bar theme. I couldn't resist the Candy Bar Ice Cream Sandwich, caramel-candy ice cream between two Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts, rolled in flaked Take 5 bars. Wow. Can we say "decadent?" Very, very sweet and rich. Brilliant idea, though. I might try it sometime, maybe with lighter-tasting fruit-based Pop Tarts and vanilla or fruity ice cream.

There was nothing going on at the Haddon Township Library when I arrived. They must have gotten those new shelves in. The kids' DVD spinning racks were stacked on top of one another. They were out of order, and I couldn't find the CDs at all. I organized them as best I could. There were no new releases to shelve, and only one audio book. I didn't take anything out this week. I want to concentrate on cleaning and writing.

Ran to a couple of different  places next after leaving the Library. The Westmont Acme was insanely busy with rush-hour customers when I got in at 4. I just grabbed toilet paper and batteries there. (Also got to say hello to a manager who once worked at the Aububon Acme.) CVS and Rite Aid were a lot less busy. I grabbed Dawn dish washing liquid on sale at CVS. Stopped at Rite Aid for a new Minute Maid Mixed Berry Sparkling Juice and what I really wanted, the DVD copy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which debuted today. It was their last copy, and at $19,99, it was a little pricey but not horrible. I probably could have gotten it cheaper at Amazon, but this was Star Wars. I didn't want to wait.

Spent the rest of the evening at home, working on fanfiction. I even ate dinner while working. Vader interviews the snooty Hux in his own fashion about the Rebels who attacked him (i.e, he nearly throttles him to death). Hux tells him about the group who robbed him and how close they were while begging Vader to spare him - his wife is with child. Vader does, but only because he wants him to order a trap be laid for the Rebels In the Woods. He has sensed Luke's strong Force magic and is determined to train him and Leia in the Dark Force Arts...but first, he has to get that meddling Han Solo that they're so close to out of the way...

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