Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Sunshine Cometh

It was raining hard when I got up this morning. Fine by me. Today was my day off. I just spent an hour writing in my journal and reading Luke Skywalker and the Shadow of Mindor while the rain beat a drum concert on my roof. It was nice and relaxing.

When I did finally get out of bed, I decided it was the perfect morning for baking. I had breakfast, then made Orange Snowdrops. Actually, they were supposed to be Lemon Snowdrops, but all I had was orange extract. We used to love the Lemon Snowdrops that came in boxes when I was a kid. They were so tart! I miss those. These, alas, aren't tart, but they still taste pretty good. Nice and rich.

Watched The Adventures of Robin Hood as I baked to brighten the gloomy morning. Since there are Robin Hood elements to the fanfic I'm currently writing, I thought I'd take a look at one of the most famous versions of this story. This is the 1938 movie with Errol Flynn as the charming rogue of Sherwood Forest, Basil Rathbone as dastardly Guy of Gisbourne, and Olivia DeHaviland as Maid Marion. If you love swashbucklers, this is an absolute must-see. The Technicolor cinematography is gorgeous, the action is fun, and Flynn is still considered to be one of the definitive Robin Hoods on film.

Though the rain was slowing down by the time I was doing the dishes, I still ran the first-season Tiny Toons episode "Rainy Daze." Buster and Babs demonstrate three ways of having fun when the rain comes down. Montana Max runs through dozens of rental friends, until Buster finds a way to turn the tables on him. Babs discovers how a little bit of imagination can turn the dullest rainy afternoon into a wild adventure! Tired of the rain, the two rabbits flee Acme Acres, only to accidentally end up in the Arctic and have to rescue a cute baby seal from the obnoxious poacher Gotcha Grabmore.

Headed out to do the laundry as soon as the rain ended. The weather must have scared everyone off. They were pretty quiet when I arrived, with only one or two other people there with me the whole time. It was just as well. I had a big load of laundry to do, including the flannel sheets I stripped off my bed last night. I worked on story notes while listening to Action News and The Chew.

When I got home, I folded the laundry...then went right back out again. By this point, it was past 2:30, and I was starved. I bought a roast beef hoagie at Viola's International Deli. I was going to get milk there, too, but all they had were half-gallons of whole. I rode to WaWa and bought a quart of skim milk and a Sparkling Ice Cherry Limeade. Besides, the clouds had vanished, and the day had become absolutely gorgeous, still a little chilly but sunny and bright. You'd never even know it poured this morning if it wasn't for a few remaining puddles.

After I came home and ate, I figured it was time to get the spring clothes out. I was going to do it last week, but it got cold over the weekend. The National Weather Service said it's going to be sunny and in the 50's and 60's for the rest of this week and up to the 70's by next week. I think it's time. Thankfully, unlike with winter clothes, there wasn't a lot that I needed, or anything I really needed to get rid of. I just piled turtlenecks, sweaters, and heavy pants into the gray plastic container and pulled out shorts and lighter blouses, along with my summer-weight purse.

Spent the next few hours working on my story. After arriving in Kashyakk and meeting Chewbacca's family, Han challenges Leia to a race. I was originally going to let the race have a darker ending, but I decided to save the nasty stuff for later and just let them end in a tie and have Han go off to fix the Falcon while Leia tries to figure out what's up with him.

Did a quick Three Stooges short while having leftovers for dinner. "Three Dumb Clucks" find themselves having to break out of jail when their dad is going to marry a gold-digger. Turns out Curly bears a striking resemblance to their dear old pop, one they make use of when it turns out the blond has a couple of cohorts who are going to off their dad for his money.

Though it was getting chillier by 6:30, it was also still a pretty decent, sunny day. I decided to celebrate the weather with a water ice at Phillies Yummies. It was a nice little walk. I saw a lot of people out and about, including several families with strollers and one man who let the kids in line for ice cream pet his handsome Irish Setter. I ended up with that mint chocolate chip water ice that's an absolutely amazing shade of emerald green. Tastes great, too, very minty. The neighborhood looks really beautiful now. The tulips are out, all orange and red and purple egg-shapes against the very green grass.

Tomorrow is my first actual day of vacation. Though I'm just going to run errands and write during the day, Dad want to have me over for dinner for my birthday later in the evening. Jodie called me tonight to confirm.

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