Thursday, May 02, 2019

Dolls In Maytime

It was already in the 70's when I emerged this morning. Had breakfast and opened the windows while watching more Dick Van Dyke Show. "The Curious Thing About Women" is how Laura reacts to her name being used in Rob's sketch about a wife who opens her husband's mail. She doesn't like people thinking she's nosy...although she can't resist opening a certain package for Rob that arrives on their doorstep...

Let the disc run while I made the bed. Rob's wondering "Who Owes Who What?" when he finds a canceled check from Buddy and thinks his friend owes him money. He doesn't know how to ask him for it, until he comes up with the idea of using one of their sketches to do it.

Switched to 50's ballads and Elton John as I dressed the dolls for warmer weather. In the books, Samantha's birthday is in May. She gets to wear her pink striped Birthday Dress and Ruffled Pinafore with the pinkish-lavender pearly boots from her Ice Cream Dress. Jessa is in (Ivy's) terrycloth Rainbow Romper with her purple jelly sandals. Josefina wears one of my favorites of her retired outfits, her colorful red, white, and gold Dress and Vest. Put Molly in a hand-made version of her very hard-to-find Victory Garden Dress.Ariel and Whitney both get Our Generation outfits. Whitney looks cute in the lavender cabbage rose early 60's-style dress with the lavender net petticoat, net stockings, and shiny purple strap shoes. Ariel is one of my few dolls who can fit into the tight lavender sundress with the hot pink pineapple print and crocheted white shrug. (Left Felicity in her pink Birthday Pinner Outfit. I don't really have much to change her into.)

Called Mom after I finished the dolls. I hadn't actually talked to her in a while; she only texted on my birthday and Easter. Turns out there was a reason for that. She put her house on the market...and got several interested buyers almost instantly. I kind of get the feeling she wasn't expecting to her house to sell so fast, probably because of that unfinished room. She has to finish cleaning up her home and find a place to live before the end of the summer, not an easy task in a summer resort and when she's still working at the Ferry, too.

Headed out as soon as I let her go. It was a gorgeous day for a walk. You'd never know it was so cold and gloomy yesterday. Today was hot, humid, and sunny, probably in the lower 80's. There were lots of people out and about, mowing lawns and walking dogs, as I made my way through the neighborhood and down to the Dollar General on the White Horse Pike. I needed cleaner for the sink and counter in the kitchen. I got in around 1:30, and they were still pretty busy with beginning-of-the-month people. Good thing a second person finally opened after I'd been in line for five minutes.

Since I was in the neighborhood, I dropped by Dad and Jodie's house to see how they were doing. I mainly wanted to know if they were going to open the pool this year, given how Dad's been feeling. Got that answer the moment I arrived and saw the two of them clearing debris and mucky water off the pool cover. I was wondering if I needed to buy a new bathing suit this year. Mine is badly stretched out. Looks like I do. They'd just started pumping the dirty water off the pool; they'll be doing this for a few days.

When I got in, I cleaned the kitchen while watching more Dick Van Dyke. "The Boarder Incident" occurs when Rob invites Buddy to stay with them while his wife Pickles is out of town. He brings Larry the dog, a ton of furniture, and his gargling at night and staying up to all hours. Laura and Rob can't figure out how to get rid of him. Rob finally confronts him at work.

Rob wants to "Punch Thy Neighbor" when his buddy next-door Jerry (Jerry Paris) makes jokes about this week's Alan Brady Show not being good. When Jerry comes back from a dinner with Rob with a black eye, rumors start to fly...and they get worse when Rob accidentally hurts Laura, too.

Richie asks "Where Did I Come From" while he and his parents look at old photos one night. Rob launches into the complicated story of how he was so nervous about Laura's pregnancy, he rushed home without his pants and with an (accidental) black eye and ran into several cars. They ended up having to take a laundry truck to the hospital.

Richie's proud to be learning "A Word a Day." His parents are proud of him, too, until one of those new words he brings home turns out to be a dirty one. Rob thinks that the new family on the block might be where his son is picking up his blue vocabulary.

Worked on writing after I finished the kitchen. Luke's horrified when Vader and Ben's duel nearly burns half the building and them with it. Ben finally steps back, letting himself be burned by Vader's fire...and giving the others a chance to escape.

Broke for leftovers at quarter after 6. Ate, and then made chocolate chip muffins while watching the Backyardigans hour-long special "Robot Rampage." Austin the kangaroo is a robot repairman in futuristic Mega City, where robots never break...until Tasha, Uniqua, and Tyrone's personal robots go haywire! Now the kids have to figure out how to wrest control of their robots from the evil Professor Bug (Pablo), before he takes over the whole city!

Played Lego Star Wars for an hour after the muffins were in the oven and while they cooled. Finished New Hope with the Trench Run round, then did the first two rounds of Empire, "Hoth Battle" and "Escape From Echo Base." The only one I did badly on was "Hoth Battle." I can't figure out how to dodge the many walkers and TIE Fighters that come after you, get enough walkers down to get the pieces, and keep from losing studs. I didn't get close to True Jedi and only got a few pieces. While I didn't get too many more pieces on the other two rounds, I did get True Jedi on both. (Just barely on "Escape.")

Finished the night with Maytime. I go more into this romantic vehicle for singers Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.


And a final Wookie roar to the original Chewbacca, towering Peter Mayhew, who passed away today. He was the 7-foot British man in the furry bodysuit in the Original Trilogy, Revenge of the Sith, and The Force Awakens (and supervised his replacements in The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story). A real-life gentle giant who also appeared in Ray Harryhausen movies of the 1960's and 70's, Mayhew was apparently as sweet as Chewie is under all that fur. He and Han Solo were my favorite Star Wars characters during my childhood (along with Leia and Lando), and he will certainly be missed.

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