Thursday, December 10, 2020

Busy Holidays

With a busy weekend coming up, I desperately needed to sleep in. Had breakfast during the tail end of Body Language. Brad Garrett and Dr. Joyce Brothers are the celebrities playing charades this week. Garrett's partner defeated a long-running champ and just missed getting the bonus money. Blockbusters continued with the mother-daughter duo, who had far more competition from a smart older lady than in any challenger they dealt with previously. They started playing a tie-breaker game as the show ended.

Put on The Devil's Brother (Fra Diavolo) as I did the dishes, wrote out my nephew Collyn's birthday card (it's on Saturday) and packed up Lauren's Christmas presents. I go further into this dashing Laurel & Hardy operetta at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Headed out to do the laundry the moment the movie ended. It was a gorgeous day for it. Sunny and breezy, in the lower 50's, not warm but decent for this time of year. I took the cart, and probably would have even if I had the bike on the road. It was too nice to rush the trip, and I had too much laundry to fit on top of the basket anyway. 

Not to mention, I had errands to run. My first stop was a very brief one at Dollar General. They were out of sugar, and that's what I needed, so I was quickly on my way. The Oaklyn Post Office is around the corner. I was surprised at how quiet they were. I only waited a few minutes to send out Lauren's package and drop a pile of out of town Christmas cards in the slot. 

The laundromat wasn't any busier. I saw the two managers fixing pipes behind the dryers and one other man, and that was it. Dropped the laundry in one of the front-loading dryers that doesn't take as long and hurried out. Family Dollar did have sugar; also picked up another cookie tin and one more Christmas bag. Worked on story notes while my laundry was in the dryer.

Put everything away when I got back, then watched more Buzzr during lunch. Mary Cadorette lead a very smart older lady to 5,000 in the Super Password bonus round and another 1,000 in the Ca$hword mini game on Super Password. The late Helen Reddy and her husband Jeff Wald were the big Tattletales winners today, over game show host Jan Murray and his wife Toni and mouthy plus-sized comedienne Totie Fields and her husband George Johnston. The champ had no problems winning Press Your Luck after her competitors kept hitting Whammies and she lucked into a vacation to Miami and a ski boat.

A package awaited me on the porch of the main house when I got in. It was Mom's gift from Swiss Colony. We've been buying petit fours - mini-cakes with cream between the layers robed in chocolate - from this catalog/online company since at least the mid-90's. This year, she sent me a collection of petis fours, including brownie bits with cream on top and coffee-flavored petit fours. Yum! They're as delicious as I remember them being in my teens. 

Worked on writing after the show ended. Captain Kennedy sent several of his men to be hired onto Goodson's ship the SS Todman and spy on their movements. Kennedy intends to follow them and raid the ship. Betty's worried that it may be a trap, but Gene will do anything to get his crew and treasure back...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had a baked wild tuna steak with roasted Brussels sprouts and mashed sweet potatoes while watching Match Game '75. The beauty who turned Richard's head was defeated by a lady who claimed she'd show off her belly dancing skills if she won money. Richard did win the Head-to-Head for her...but she didn't dance, mainly because they played a march instead. Match Game PM had just as much fun with a sweet aspiring singer and a laid-back nutritionist and health nut from Waikiki whom Brett seemed to have a bit of a crush on. 

Started chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies while Sale of the Century ran. The champ went for the whole pot today, including 50,000. It ended up almost the same as yesterday, only this time, he bought no Instant Bargains. The one lady won the Fame Games, but he won the Speed Round...and indeed, got his 50,000 to become one of the biggest winners the show ever had.

Switched to What's Happening!! on The Roku Channel as the cookies came out of the oven. "A Christmas Story" from the first season has Roger and his little sister Dee joining their father for Christmas dinner, since they think their mother will be working. Turns out, their dad Bill's girlfriend Nadine has a cold and ruins their dinner. Good thing their mother isn't as far as they think, and everyone in the neighborhood brought them food when they thought they'd be alone.

Finished the night on Hulu after a shower with Perfect Strangers. Balki and Larry also appear in "A Christmas Story" in their second season. Larry's devastated when a snowstorm cancels their flight home to Madison. Balki reminds him that even if he can't be with his family for the holidays, he still has him. 

"The Gift of the Mypiot" from the fourth season finds Balki inviting his much-hated boss Mr. Gorpley to his and Larry's Christmas party. Gorpley's not popular among his employees, and his sarcastic and nasty attitude doesn't exactly add to the holiday spirit. Turns out, though, that Gorpley never had a decent Christmas until Balki gave him one. 

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