Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Finding Christmas

Began the morning with breakfast and The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas. Ted E. Bear (voice of Tom Smothers) is a bright little fellow who is very curious about Christmas. Most bears hibernate before the holiday begins, but Ted is determined to stay awake and see it for himself. He eventually ends up in New York City, where Santa Claus (Robert Holt) directs him to a place where he'll discover that Christmas is more than a time of year. It's a special feeling...and one that's best shared with those we love.

Tried calling the Erlton Bike Shop in Cherry Hill twice after I got online. I never reached them. Worked on writing instead. Captain Allen Ludden and his wife Betty White are also seeking revenge on Goodson, who confiscated their ship the All Star. While a big score has allowed them to build another ship, they're banding together with Kennedy to get back at Goodson for taking their first one.

Rose called shortly after I got off the computer. Erlton's website does have an e-mail, so she suggested I e-mail them. Couldn't figure out how to do it on my phone, so I went back on the laptop and sent them a short note asking if they needed an appointment, or if we could just drop off the bike. 

(They responded later in the afternoon. No appointment needed. We can just drop off the bike for curbside pick-up. I texted Rose, but haven't heard from her. I'll call her tomorrow.)

Threw on Mickey's Christmas Carol while getting ready for work. This is the featurette version of Dickens' Christmas Carol, released in 1982. Uncle Scrooge is, of course, his namesake. Donald's Nephew Fred, with Mickey and Minnie as the Cratchits. Also ran the adorable short "Pluto's Christmas Tree" with Pluto chasing Chip and Dale out of the tree Mickey just brought home.

Took a quick Uber trip to work. I did spend a lot of another gorgeous, chilly day outside pushing carts...when they weren't calling me in to take a register because one of the cashiers called out. Had to deal with a very rude man who demanded I put the paper bags in the plastic bags first to make things faster. When I took a question from a woman who needed to know how to find the baby formula, he told me to get back to his order this second! I told him quite bluntly he was being rude and needed to let me do my job. I thought I lost my temper, but I guess the other women in the line approved. I got nothing but praise for how I dealt with him from the customers behind him and the woman running Instacart curbside pick-up orders.

I needed to go right into Match Game '75 and leftovers for dinner after I got home. Arrived just in time for jokes about Fannie Flagg's sweater with the hands on them. The second episode began with Gene laying on the floor, taking a nap, and ended with jokes about how Avery Schreiber combs his wild curls. Another comedian known for their wild hair, Phyllis Diller, joined the fun on Match Game PM. While Charles refused to answer a question because Gene acknowledged Fred Grandy's bow tie and not his, Phyllis helped a young lady who wanted to win $7,500.

The champ continues to dominate Sale of the Century. One of the other men did win the third Fame Game board, but otherwise, it was all him. Trouble is, he keeps jumping in too early...and being lucky that so is everyone else! Everyone kept jumping in too early on the Speed Round and giving weird answers, to the amusement of Jim Perry. In the end, the champ once again barely got through the Speed Round and picked up $3,000 on the Match the Prizes board. 

Worked on my Christmas cards after dinner. I hope I'm just able to give some of them out. All the ones being sent in the mail should be out tomorrow or Thursday, but I'm not sure I'll see some family members who would usually be around for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Jodie actually came to me at one point in the evening and claimed she wasn't going to put up a Christmas tree because she was too depressed. I think putting up the tree will make her feel a lot less depressed.

Finished the night after a shower with The Bohemian Girl on TCM. I go further into the first of two Laurel and Hardy operettas I'll cover this week at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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