Sunday, December 13, 2020

Games for Christmas

Began a sunny morning with banana pancakes for breakfast and the 1965 edition of The Great Songs of Christmas. Goodyear put this series out from 1961 to 1977; I have about half of the ones released under the original Great Songs name. The '65 edition has long been my favorite, thanks to several rarities. Maurice Chevalier performs "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" and "Silent Night," the latter partially in his native French. Diahann Carroll performs two lovely old carols, the medieval "Lo, How a Rose Er Blooming" and sweet "Some Children See Him." Sammy Davis Jr. finishes things off with the lively "It's Christmas Time All Over the World."

Tried calling Rose again before work; still didn't get her. Called Uber shortly after. My rides to and from work were very quiet and smooth. Got in with enough time to quickly buy a salad bowl for dinner. 

Work was on-and-off busy. On one hand, it could have been worse, particularly in the middle of the day. We did get busy around noon and later at 3, before the Eagles game started. Once the football games kicked in, our customers left. There were a few annoying customers, but nothing unbearable. We were so quiet by 6:30 PM, I volunteered to spend the last half-hour shelving returns. 

I got calls from Rose and Jodie while I was at work. Called Jodie first when I got in...and after calling me four times, she still didn't answer. Went over to her side of the house anyway. Turns out she was on the phone. She offered me mushroom pizza and ginger ale for dinner. She's really scared right now because a lot of her family, including her Aunt Colleen, have the virus and she has to buy their groceries and leave it on their porches. 

Finally got Rose when I came back. As I mentioned, the bike shop in Cherry Hill doesn't have online sales, and they're the closest to us. I have some ideas of what I want...but what I want is a cruiser bike, with single speeds and no hand brakes, and they're not common. Rose suggested we wait until after the holidays to deal with either my bike or my cell phone. I was hoping I'd at least have the bike back on the road as soon as possible, but I guess not. 

Spent the rest of the night watching Christmas game shows on YouTube. My oldest find was a 1968 episode of Concentration with its original host, the late Hugh Downs. This unique show was played with two Santa Clauses winning money for CARE. I won't give away whom the Santas really were...but one was very familiar to Downs...

Peter Tomarken dashed into the studio in his robe and nightclothes just in time for the Christmas Day episode of Press Your Luck in 1986. The lady who won eventually picked up a gorgeous fur coat (made in Camden!), announced by Rod Roddy in a Santa Claus suit. 

The episode of Super Password I went with is also from Christmas Day 1986. Southern belle Mary Anne Mobley and her host hubby Gary Collins keep it in the family this week, as they compete to see who can lead their contestant to the Super Password bonus round. Gary made it this time, but he had a much harder time with the actual round, including misinterpreting a word. 

Celebrities also figured into Christmas week on the 1979 Monty Hall Beat the Clock. Patti Deustch and Johnny Brown of Good Times managed to beat Joyce Bulifant and Ronnie Schell by a wide county mile and win money for their section of the audience. (Note Joyce mentions a movie she just filmed called Airplane. For those of you who are familiar with that classic disaster spoof, she was the concerned mother of the sick little girl.)

Battlestars lasted long enough in 1983 to have a very well-decorated Christmas episode. Celebrities answered goofy questions (and in the case of Richard Simmons, made weird faces) in this variation on Hollywood Squares featuring Alex Trebek. 

Christmas landed in the middle of Teen Week on Scrabble. A young man kept defeating all comers, but he claimed he couldn't win the Bonus Round. He managed to defeat two girls and a (slightly) older boy to finally win the money. 

Christmas Day 1981 on The Price Is Right kicked off with an extravagant gold and silver tree on the Price Is Right train that was a lot more expensive than anyone could have guessed! The rest of the show was less holiday-oriented and ran more-or-less as usual, including one young man who said he broke his wrist running into a guy in a wheelchair on his bike. (And I thought running into a car was embarrassing.)

Hope you enjoy these holiday blasts from the past!

Oh, and thanks the Eagles' replacement quarterback Jacen Hurts, they just managed to sneak past the New Orleans Saints 24-21. 

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