Friday, December 18, 2020

Holiday Weary

Started an early morning with breakfast and I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown. The longest and most recent of the Peanuts holiday specials mostly focuses on Re-Run and his desire to have a dog of his own. He begs Snoopy to play with him between his harrowing trips on his mother's bike. Snoopy sometimes enjoys it, but he's not always able to join the boy. They finally call Spike from the desert to teach Re-Run how hard it can be to care for a pet.

Unfortunately, it was too early for Uber. It took me 20 minutes to get a car, which meant I was late to work. At least it wasn't too bad, and they were dead at 8 in the morning. In fact, we were dead for most of the day. Even the lunch rush hour got mildly steady. I originally wanted to go grocery shopping when I finished, but for the second week in a row, I forgot my money and just went home.

At least I was able to pick up my schedule. The Acme gave me a Christmas present - two days off (including Christmas Day), less crazy hours, and bagging all week. Best schedule I've had in weeks. At least I'll have the chance to get a lot done, including the remaining bread and candy. 

When I got home, I ran Mr. Magoo's Chrismas Carol while changing, packing Mom and Anny's gifts and cookie tins, and enjoying almonds for a snack. I go further into this vintage holiday treat at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

I headed out to the post office around quarter of 4...before I realized I once again forgot my money. Ended up just going home. I am dead tired. I've worked almost 80 hours for the past two weeks. That may be nothing to a nurse or a doctor, but I'm not used to it. And along with that, I've Christmas shopped and wrapped and baked, and I found out my only means of transportation was now useless. 

Opted to finish Tattletales instead. Gene and Helen Rayburn, who were happily married for 50 years, were the big winners today over Patty Duke and John Astin and Bill and Samantha Macy. Press Your Luck had one of the wildest second rounds I've ever seen! Whammies flew fast and furious throughout the episode. The woman Whammied out early, leaving the guys to keep hitting Whammies, hitting money, and passing spins. The champ finally picked up a ton of money and two trips after a final Whammy knocked the other guy out. Poor Peter Tomarken fainted on his podium after all that!  

Recovered from the lunacy with a quiet two hours working on writing. Robert Walden is Captain Tom Kennedy's new navigator. He's also a former student of Charles'. As he tells Gene (after Gene puts on clothes), he's worried about his former mentor. He also admits he's no navigator - he's really a reporter from a New York newspaper sniffing out a story on pirates and Naval corruption.

Made Sweet Potato Hash while watching Match Game '75. Richard made an English joke with The Hound of the Baskerville early in the episode; later, a lady's Arkansas accent and it being a dry town prompted a few jokes. Allen Ludden and Betty White made their final joint TV appearance before his untimely death on Match Game PM, joined by Jimmie Walker and a lady who claimed to be a singing soda jerk. 

Tied ribbon around the cookie bags as Sale of the Century began. Things got kind of wild here, too. For the second week in a row, the champ lived in the same town they were offering a trip to (in this case, Reno), and Jim switched it to another city to convince him to buy. The lady won a Fame Game (partially because the champ gave an answer away and the question had to be replaced) and bought the last instant bargain, but the other guy kept jumping in too fast, and neither could get close to the champ in the Speed Round. He picked up a trip to Puerto Rico on the Match the Prizes board.

Finished the night online after a shower with another Christmas Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is notorious as one of the worst movies ever made. It's what the title says. Martians kidnap Santa and two human kids to make their children happy. Santa creates a toy factory for the Martian children, but the king of the Martians thinks they're being too frivolous and tries to sabotage the factory. Meanwhile, one of his minions decides he likes Santa and tries to imitate him, leading to more chaos. 

Hoo boy. This one makes Santa Claus: The Movie look like It's a Wonderful Life. Cheap, goofy, badly acted, and VERY mid-60's. It absolutely needs the riffing from Joel and the robots. I actually prefer the slightly less campy Mexican Santa Claus this show covered in the Mike era, which at least has the funny bits with Santa and the devil in the end. At any rate, if you're a fan of bad sci-fi or MS3K, both episodes are worth checking out. 

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