Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Slightly White Christmas

Began a cloudy, cool morning with breakfast and A Walt Disney Christmas. I dubbed this collection of winter and holiday-related shorts off a vintage clamshell video about a decade ago. "Once Upon a Wintertime" is a romantic Currier and Ives rendezvous as two lovers go skating and end up being rescued by their animal friends. "Santa's Workshop" and "The Night Before Christmas" are Silly Symphonies depicting Christmas Eve at the North Pole and what happens when he delivers the toys. Mickey and the gang are "On Ice" as Mickey shows off for Minnie, Donald teases Pluto, and Goofy tries ice fishing. Huey, Dewey, and Louie turn "Donald's Snow Fight" into all-out war, but it may leave their uncle with that sinking feeling.

Took Uber to and from work with no problems. Work was only busy during the noon and 3 PM rush hour...and wouldn't you know it, we suddenly lost power around 12:30. It was only for a minute, but long enough for the registers to go out. And of course, my register was the only one that didn't come back up right away. I had to move everyone to the next register. Other than that, there were no major problems, no obnoxious customers. It even flurried at one point, and started briefly again when I went home. In both cases, it stuck around long enough to look pretty and not much else.

Rose called while I was at work; I called her back when I went home. She and Craig did take the bike to Erlton Bike Shop in Cherry Hill. As it turns out, they're not concerned about getting the bolt off. The bike isn't fixable. The front wheel and frame were bent, likely from the car accident in May. They're surprised I was able to ride it for so long without it falling apart.

I didn't know. Other than the loose chain and popped inner tube that just happens after a while, I've had no problem riding the bike since I was able to get back on it. There didn't look like there was anything wrong with it after the accident, either. They want me to get baskets for the back or some kind of storage that'll balance the bike better, too. I run a lot of errands on my bike. 

After that, I could barely focus on writing. Allen and Betty reveal that they intend to use their part of the money from taking on Goodson to fund a refurbishment of The All Star and a new crew. Tom explains he already has several pirates who infiltrated Goodson's crew and will let them onboard.

Broke for leftovers at 6:30. Match Game '75 started with jokes about where Grandpa found Grandma's false teeth and ended with a gorgeous contestant turning a lot of heads, including very obviously Richard's. Robert Walden and Judy Landers joined Billy Daily, Gene, and the regulars to help an ensign figure out what a "grand old blank" a songwriter's mother in law was on Match Game PM

There was barely any contest on Sale of the Century. The champ dominated full-stop. The other man did get two out of the three Fame Games, but he bought all three Instant Bargains and won the Speed Round even with missing a bunch of questions. He picked up the 10,000 and eventually opted to return and try for 50,000.

Let Buzzr continue in the background as I wrapped presents. My final gift for Jodie arrived today. Lauren said she's not interested in cookies this year, so I'll be sending out her box tomorrow. Mom and Anny's boxes should go out by the end of next week or the beginning of the week after that. 

It took me so long to do them, I only had the time for Mickey and the Roadster Racers before the Match Game '90 YouTube premiere when I got online. It's a "Happy Hot Dog Diggity Holiday" when the racers have to find three ornaments all over town in order to win the honor of placing the Golden Star Tree Topper on top of the town tree. Chip pairs with Goofy and Dale with Donald in order to win the Topper for each other. "Happy Holidays Helpers" end up doing everything from unblocking Clarabelle's chimney to digging out a snowbound Grandpa Beagle, but Minnie's worried they won't get their own party ready in time for the guests to arrive. 

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