Friday, January 28, 2022

The Snow Storm Cometh

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel and Miss Elaina go outside to play astronauts on "A Snowy Day." Dan wears his cardboard astronaut helmet outside, but he finds when he's too cold to play that a hat and gloves are far more appropriate for the weather. Katarina wants it to be "Tutu All the Time" when she gets a new dance outfit. When it gets splattered with paint while doing artwork and won't fit in the block house Dan and Prince Wednesday made, she has to admit that there are some places were tutus don't work.

Headed out shortly after the episode ended. Even as I made my way to work, it began to snow heavily...but the snow never stuck to anything but the ground. It was slowing even as I walked through the sliding doors and apparently would be off and on for the next few hours. 

Given the weather reports call for anything from 3 to 10 inches of snow here, I think you can guess we were very busy through most of the day. The off-and-on squalls probably kept the lines from being even worse. Not only did we not have enough help, but we had even less later in the day when the night cashiers started calling out to avoid the weather. My second break was so late, I didn't get to it until almost an hour before I finished.

Went straight into my own quick grocery shopping when I got off. Didn't really need much, anyway. Found maple-glazed salmon with a manager's coupon for dinner and yogurt, the almond milk I normally drink, and a bag of red bulger on clearance, and strawberries on sale. Restocked canola oil, white flour, canned pineapple and mandarin oranges, chocolate chips, butter, bananas, sandwich bags, and low-salt canned white beans.

Better schedule next week. In good news, slightly more hours, only two long days, Monday and next Saturday off. I just wish one of those long days wasn't bagging. I used to like bagging a lot more when I didn't have six thousand things to do in addition to sweeping, shelving items, and gathering carts...and I never have any help, either. 

The snow started again as I rode home. Once again, it only stuck to the ground, at least while I was out there. The streets were wet, but not snowy. I was able to ride home normally. It was past 10 PM before anything really stuck to the streets. It's still coming down pretty hard at press time, and everything is covered now - street, ground, sidewalks. It's beautiful, with the glowing white snow standing out against the stark indigo and ebony backdrop of night.

Texted Jessa when I got in. We're going to get together Monday afternoon to talk and have lunch together. She suggested an agent in Deptford, and recommended I try looking in her area. I'll do it, but most of her area is apartment buildings. It's become very clear that the apartment buildings in particular want nothing to do with me. I'll look over there, but I'm not sure what I'll find. 

Arrived in time for Match Game PM. Bob Barker was entirely too happy to have WKRP bombshell Loni Anderson sitting next to him, including whispering something in her ear at one point. A bit later, Gene got fed up reading the question for Robert Pine and took a nap against his entrance while he read it.

Had the salmon and sauteed escarole for dinner while letting Sale of the Century run. The two women were back and forth the entire show. The guy won a Fame Game early-on, but did little else. The other female challenger bought two out of three Instant Bargains, won the Instant Cash and a Fame Game, and pulled ahead in the Speed Round. Her luck ran out in the Bonus Round, though.

Finished the night online with free offerings from around the internet. Started with a second season Hart to Hart episode. Johnathan witnesses "Murder In Paradise" when he, Jennifer, and Max are in Hawaii for a croquet tournament and one of the officials turn up dead. He manages to get a key to them that could open a very important secret. They're not the only ones after the information. A mysterious agent from British Secret Service and a more direct one from the CIA claim to want that information, too...but which is the real agent, and which is the double agent impostor?

The three Sailor Moon hour-long "movies" are currently free on YouTube. I went with the third one, Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie. Children around the globe are being kidnapped by an evil witch who uses their sweet dream energy to power her Black Dream Hole. If she can make it large enough, it'll swallow the Earth! When Sailor Moon's daughter Sailor Chibi-Moon is among those kidnapped, she and the other Soldiers follow a dream fairy who befriended Chibi-Moon to the witch's lair to end this nasty nightmare for good. 

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