Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Windy Matches

Began the morning with breakfast and To Tell the Truth. Came in just as we met a man who created a football helmet that could estimate the effect of the impact on the skull. Allen Ludden was the only one who said #3, and he was right. I applauded the next one, a woman who used her winnings from The $10,000 Pyramid to start her own all-female chauffeur service. This time, almost everyone including me said #3, who was the most enthusiastic, and we were absolutely right. 

Changed and packed lunch, then headed off to work. Though it was gale-force windy this morning, it warmed up enough for me to take my bike. Bagging didn't start off too badly. We didn't really get busy until the evening rush hour. After about 2-2:30, I couldn't keep up with the sweeping and the carts and putting away perishable items people didn't want and rounding up the trash and recycling and checking the bathrooms to make sure no one's been plugging up the toilets again. The carts got so backed up by 3:30, they finally sent two of the kids who were doing orders for online shoppers out to help. At least it was also sunny, and the winds diminished throughout the day. 

Dashed home the moment I could. Changed, made a quick mushroom omelet, and went straight into Match Game Productions' next belated Betty White marathon. Betty continued as one of the most popular semi-regulars on Match Game as the show moved into its second syndicated season. She was so huge, when Brett Somers took time off to direct a play at the end of the season, she replaced her next to Charles. This was the season when she briefly hosted a question. In fact, it happened when she was replacing Brett. Other memorable episodes from this season include Gene bringing along his daughter Lynne's dog Trotter, to Betty's delight, the week she appeared with then-current game show hosts Bill Cullen, Dick Martin, and Peter Marshall and future host Elaine Joyce, and Gene and Betty doing mock stripteases in response to a question with jokes about skinny bodies. 

Head into the 80's with Betty and the rest of the Match Game crew! And come back tomorrow at 5 PM when we jump back in time for Betty's run on the nighttime show!

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