Saturday, March 05, 2022

Getting to Know You

Began my first day off in my new home by sleeping in and reading Devonshire Scream. I quickly wrote in my journal, then changed while watching Match Game '75. Soap star Trudi Wiggins of Search for Tomorrow marked her first and only week on the show. Ron Pallio and Nipsey Russell got to join in as well.

Had to run errands anyway, so I decided I'd get a quick bite to eat. Wanted to buy thank you cards for all the ladies who helped me move last week, but they didn't have them at Family Dollar. They did at Dollar General, though. I also got some snacks for later, a sparkling water, and a soft cooler to keep drinks and snacks in (and keep ants out). Got a soft pretzel and a hot chocolate at WaWa, along with a muffin for work tomorrow.

Finally caught my neighbor Brittany at home and was able to give her the money I borrowed for the movers. I feel really guilty about how bad I'm doing. She says I'm not, but...I am. I haven't reconciled with Rose or gotten my dolls back from her. I haven't gotten close to organizing my rooms yet.  I should have called my doctor, so I can make that neuropsychologist appointment, and I haven't. I feel like a teenager who can't do anything for herself anymore. 

My family moved a lot from 1980 until we finally ended up in slightly more suburban North Cape May in 1994. Cape May was expensive even then, and my parents could only afford to rent homes. Once the house got too expensive for them, they argued with the owners, or the owners decided they wanted it, we'd have to leave again. I'm tired of having to leave. 

No more living with relatives, either. For one thing, I'm out of relatives to live with. Rose and Anny want to move their broods to Hammonton. Mom's going to live with my brother in Virginia. Jodie's going to finally get her house at the Shore after mid-March. Jessa and Joe are the only ones who have any intention of staying here, and they live in a small, overstuffed condo in Deptford. Rose said she was willing to find or build a house with a mother-in-law suite for me, but I'm wary of that idea after what happened with Jodie. I'd rather have my own space away from the family.

I'm really overwhelmed. There's too much to do and going on. And all of this on top of work and the continuing pandemic. I was hoping to prove how well I could do things on my own, and now I feel more like a child than ever.

Went right upstairs when I got home. Put on the 1999 animated The King and I for review on Amazon Prime while having a bag of nuts and dried fruit for lunch and shelving hardback adult novels and self-help books in the back room (when I wasn't reading them). I go further into this notorious version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein show at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Switched to Sheriff Callie's Wild West when I finally did get to having leftovers for dinner, and then as I unloaded the CD binders on the shelf behind my bed. Toby and Peck are worried that it's "The Long Adios" and that Sheriff Callie may leave them when she substitutes for Frida Fox for a day on her wild west show. They do everything they can to keep her from leaving. The town makes a "Fire Engine Fuss" when some of them use their new vehicle for regular chores. They learn why the engine is intended for fires only when they have to work together to put out a fire, and the engine is broken.

Finished the night on Kanopy with another German fairy tale movie, The Devil With the Three Golden Hairs. In this case, a young miller gets help from bandits when he has to win a lovely princess and snatch the title objects from a rather goofy devil. This one is from 1977, and it's more like one of the Canon Movie Tales, with it's obvious and cheap special effects and over-the-top performances. I do give them credit for adapting a Grimm's Fairy Tale that's rarely seen outside of literature, even if it's not a 100 percent adaptation. (For one thing, the king had a slightly worse fate in the original story than the bandits beating up on him and his court for the trouble they caused.)

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