Monday, March 28, 2022

Harts In the Spring Snow

Got a quick start on a cold morning with the warmest breakfast I could think of. Cooked the last of the cornmeal in milk to make cornmeal mush; had it with strawberries. Checked the weather while I ate. I could hear the wind rattling outside, but at that point, it was still sunny. No snow, rain, or any other precipitation. I rode to work normally, other than fighting the wind.

Today is one of my three long bagging shifts this week. It would have gone much better if I had more help, but we're still short, especially of baggers. I had to do everything myself. This was especially a problem between 11:30 and 3, during the lunch rush hour. They kept pulling me to do other things, which means it took me two hours to get back to gathering carts. I even had to go in a register briefly so one of the cashiers could go on break. Never did have the time to gather the full outside trash and recycling.

Dark clouds started building up over the horizon around quarter of 4. As I ducked in around 4 to sweep the store, the wind started to pick up even more. By the time I was sweeping the aisles, it was a full-blown squall. Tiny snowflakes fell furiously...but they were blown away before they could hit the ground, or much of anything else. Hit another squall as I rode home from work over an hour later. Thankfully, by the time the snow got heavy, I was in Oaklyn, where the houses blocked the wind. 

(Incidentally, the squall ended shortly after I got home. To my knowledge, it hasn't done anything but blow since.)

Went straight upstairs and changed. Watched Match Game '77 as I got organized. The first episode had Roz Kelly getting a passionate kiss from an audience member and declaring him to be much better than Henry Winkler! The second had the contestant taking Richard's answer to "Julie __" in the Audience Match, even though Brett gave the most-likely answer. Yes, for once, Brett turned out to be very right.

E-mailed Dr. Sarah from Clinical Neuropsychology Associates in Voorhees. She wanted to do a preliminary chat with me to find out why I needed testing. We'll be doing it at or around 4:30 tomorrow, depending on how a meeting of hers goes. 

Had dinner during Match Game PM. Bart Braverman happily flirted with a sweet and pretty contestant through much of the episode, even if he did say her sweatsuit looked more like pajamas. Don Galloway was more nervous about matching "Report __" in the Head-to-Head. 

Had dinner while Sale of the Century was on. I couldn't resist an episode from early in the run of the woman card-sharp champ who went on to win a bundle. She was behind for most of the game, but did manage to pick up a gorgeous pine wardrobe Instant Bargain and came back in the Speed Round. Didn't have much luck with the bonus round, though...

Finished the night online, first at YouTube with The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Captain Gregg disapproves when Carolyn says she's going to star in Claymore's big drama "Way Off Broadway." She convinces him that theater nowadays is a lot more respectable...then regrets it when it turns out Claymore's play is a stinker and no one in the cast can act. Gregg figures out a way to make the show work.

Gregg's even more annoyed when he's not the one the town is honoring in "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow." Turns out the great-grand niece of Captain Figg intends to honor her late grandfather's memory with a statue instead. Carolyn doesn't believe Gregg when he insists that Figg was a liar and a coward...until he digs up some literal concrete evidence at the Figg's old homestead. 

With the windy evening, I thought ending with "Sixth Sense" on Hart to Hart was appropriate. Sarah Morgan is a pretty young woman with psychic powers. She can feel herself being murdered...but it's actually the twin sister she never knew. Johnathan and Jennifer throw themselves whole-heartedly into their own brand of play-acting here, with Johnathan getting his Bogart on taking the place of a hard-boiled private detective and Jennifer wildly over-the-top as a medium conducting a seance. 

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