Tuesday, March 01, 2022

March Goes In Like a Lion

Got so involved with finishing Ming Tea Murder this morning, I barely had enough time to write, change, and have breakfast. I'm out of cereal, but I thought I could have cornmeal mush. I didn't put in enough milk, and it wound up just plain cooked cornmeal. Barely had the time to grab lunch and a few strawberries before I rushed out the door.

Work was nuts almost all day. Not only did many people get their beginning of the month government money, but today is our Senior Discount Day. There's a senior apartment building two blocks from the shopping center. Not everyone was in the best moods, either. Several people put back half their orders when they realized they didn't have enough to cover it. A couple doing WIC Checks for families threw a fit when they couldn't get the things they wanted. (They have a booklet that tells them what they can get.) I was so happy when I dashed out right on time.

I'm also really tired. I changed, then grabbed my laundry to take it down stairs. On my way down, I wasn't looking where I was going. Missed the last step and went tumbling. She came running over, but I was fine. My slippers have good tread. I just wasn't paying attention to where I was going.

Did much better with the laundry. It took me ten minutes to find the light switch (which was on the stairwell), but at least I got the laundry in. Other than that, it did get done. 

Watched episodes of Match Game between loads and going through boxes. Mary Ann Mobley did a wonderful demonstration of the old "Call for Philip Morrriisss!" ad line from radio commercials to illustrate "Call for ___" in Match Game '75. Nipsey Russell, soap star Trudi Wiggins, and Welcome Back Kotter Sweathog Ron Pallilo join in for figuring out what's in the Gene Rayburn Sandwich at the CBS Commissary while Gene slightly manhandles a contestant with a considerable mustache on Match Game '77

After I put the second load in the wash, I had dinner and finished the night online with What's Love Got to Do With It. I go into more detail on this harrowing biography of Tina and Ike Turner at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Called Mom during the movie. She wants me to rest. She knows how tired I am. We'll see. I still haven't organized most of the apartment, and there's work, too.  

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