Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Morning In the Rain

Awoke to the sound of light pattering on my roof. It was gloomy and raining when I made the last of the steel cut oats this morning. I ended up calling Uber. They arrived in seven minutes and got there in time for me to get a quick lunch. 

Though I did go in for someone's break briefly this morning, I spent most of the day pushing carts and shelving returns. One of the boys came in shortly after I did and took over the cleaning and most of the sweeping. The store really wasn't that busy anyway. The off-and-on showers likely scared everyone off. I think I saw lines once all morning. And no wonder. The rain kept coming down, sometimes hard. I got soaked pushing carts at one point.

Hard a harder time getting home after I picked up snacks. It took me nearly ten minutes to find a ride, then another 18 for them to come and get me. Tattletales was on by the time I got home. Long-married Gene Rayburn and his witty wife Helen and soap star Steve Forest and his wife Cris were the winners today, over singer Nancy Sinatra and her beloved stoic businessman hubby Hugh Lambert. 

Press Your Luck began as I unloaded the Christmas books onto the sage-green shelves I'm using as a bed table. This time, the champ won decisively in the second round. She got more money for her trouble. Didi Conn not only managed to get her contestant to the Gauntlet (for the second time) on Celebrity Whew!, they won the $25,000 this time, too. 

Called Mom as Whew! played. She just wanted to check up on me. While I appreciate everything Cindy's done for me...I think she's more used to having younger people up here. I want my own kitchen and my own life. Trouble is, I can't get an apartment until I either get a second job or at least a job that pays decent money, and I can't get that until I figure out what's going on in my head and push past my fear so I can take classes. I wish someone knew. I've spent my whole life trying to figure out what's wrong with me. Half the psychologists in Philadelphia tried to figure out what was wrong with me in the 80's. 

Mom's still pushing for me to take medication, but ever since Rose started taking medication for her depression 20 years ago, that's been her answer to every mental problem. I'll see what the doctors say, but I suspect my trouble has less to do with what's going on in my head and more with learning to deal with stress and pushing past fear. 

I did finally make a regular doctor's check-up for Friday. I haven't had one in two years. I was supposed to get blood tests in March 2020, but first the pandemic hit, then I got too busy. I'm hoping my doctor might have some suggestions on whether a neuropsychologist would be a good idea and if there's any in the area that can really help me get on my feet. I can't stay in two rooms in an attic forever. I need my own space. 

Match Game '75 was on by the time I got off with Mom. I pushed a bin of sweaters and of summer clothes in the back closet as Julie Harris and William Shatner finished their only week on the show. Richard tries to help a contestant with "__ Machine," while Brett and the other ladies admire a handsome and very funny (and even more single) male contestant. Announcer Bern Bennett takes over for the next week while Johnny Olsen is on vacation. Esther Rolle of Good Times and bass-voiced comedian Joe Silver get their chance to exchange jokes with the handsome player.

Arte Johnson made his first appearance on the show in Match Game '77. Brett happily shows off a sign someone in the audience made her, which Richard shows his good taste in children's television by suggesting "Mr. Rodgers" for "Mr __" on the Audience Match. (Surprisingly, it didn't make the cut.) For some reason, the next episode gets skipped, taking us into one that has Richard trying to figure out the Head-to-Head for "__ Flower."

Heard voices downstairs before dinner as Match Game PM began. Joyce Bulifant was on fire tonight, matching both contestants early in the show and getting good answers on the Audience Match, and Brett did just as well. Charles gets to help the contestant with "Marilyn ___" in the Head-to-Head. 

After eating, I finished the night at Shout Factory's website, watching Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Mike and the robots used the film's vaguely medieval sword-and-sorcery theme as an excuse to hold their own Renaissance Fair. The film was apparently the third sequel to a very 80's fantasy about a cocky warrior who tries to save two princesses, a wizard, and a pair of stones with mystical powers. Very cliched and of-its-era, as the robots joked. Some of the action was kind of fun, but the female villain was a lot more interesting than the smarmy and annoying male bad guy, and the hero was an obnoxious and cocky jerk. 

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