Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Matches In the Sunshine

Slept in, then went downstairs and made steel cut oats with peanut butter for breakfast. It was so late when I got back upstairs, Match Game '74 had just begun. Fannie Flagg shows off her t-shirt with an American flag made of matches on the front in the opening. Brett's more interested in flirting with a young Anson Williams. For some reason, Buzzr skips the next episode and goes straight into the next week. South American hunk Alejandro Rey and magic-loving Juliet Mills join Jo Ann Worley and the regulars to hear a contestant's very involved life story and Brett announcing that she's not wearing a wig that day.

Switched to an episode of the original Odd Couple on Paramount Plus while I put the porcelain dolls on top of my dresser and the Star Wars and Effanbee dolls on the shelf next to my desk. I'm currently reading a biography of Allen Ludden and Betty White that I wanted to read in January, but was packed at that point, so I watched the episode based around "Password." Felix convinces Oscar to appear on the 1971 version of the show with him as his partner. Trouble is, first of all, they're playing host Ludden's wife Betty White (themselves), who is the best at the game. Second, Felix keeps giving long-winded words Oscar can't figure out.

The next episode was half-way through by the time I headed out to run errands. Wanted to pick up an over-the-door shoe holder at Dollar General, but after I overheard a noisy and slightly violent altercation between two other people in the store, I thought I'd be safer leaving. (And I couldn't find what I was looking for anyway.)

Dropped off thank-you notes in the neighborhood next. Wanted to thank my neighbors and Eric and TJ for helping me move, Rose for getting me those extra two months, and my mother for supporting me during the last two months. Need to get TJ and Eric's address, but everyone else's went out.  Dropped the neighbors' cards in their mail boxes and Rose's in hers. No one was around; it was past 2:30 by that point, so I suspect most people were probably at work or picking the kids up from school.

Stopped at Family Dollar next. I did finally find a hook for the door and the shoe holder there. Grabbed a sparkling water, too. And at least it was a nice day for a walk. While it's still breezy and not as warm as yesterday, it was still in the 50's and sunny, perfectly normal for early March in South Jersey.

Hung my robe and purse on the hook when I got home, then barely managed to get my winter shoes in the shoe holder. (The boots didn't fit. I'll find something else for them.) Got the first load of clothes in the laundry, then watched Press Your Luck while eating leftovers for lunch. I've seen this one a few times before. Whammies ran fast and furious in this episode. The champ Whammied out mid-way through the second round, leaving the guy and the other lady to duke it out. She finally won when she picked up a jet ski at the last minute. 

Returned to Match Game '75 as I went through the closet. I was hoping to find the box of adult paperback novels to set up in the back room, but they're still missing. I went through the entire large closet, and found nothing. They're not in the smaller closet, either. Someone must have put them in storage. I really, really should have been more organized about what went into storage and what didn't. Half the things brought to the apartment should have gone into storage, and there's things I want here that did go in. 

Match Game went a lot better. Fannie was in these episodes too, this time showing off a daisy-print T-shirt. A handsome young Italian-Jewish man from North Jersey was quite amiable about his mixed heritage and really adorable. Original Captain Kirk William Shatner and Broadway star Julie Harris get to help with the Audience Match "__ Nails." In the second episode, a young woman is so excited, Gene said she broke the set with all her jumping around!

I ate dinner while watching Match Game PM. Bubbly Betty Kennedy and David "Bosley" Doyle join Marcia Wallace and the regulars to help a worldly older man who wrote two best-selling cookbooks with his wife figure out "__ of the Earth" in the Audience Match.

Finished the night online after a shower and putting away my laundry with So This Is Love at Amazon Prime. I go further into this biography of opera diva Grace Moore at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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