Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Seasons of Dolls

Began a sunny, slightly warmer morning with Seasons of Giving. This direct-to-home-media Winnie the Pooh "movie" is really two winter-themed episodes of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh with the Pooh Thanksgiving special and some new linking material. The Thanksgiving segment is by far my favorite, and is the reason I bought this DVD. Pooh and the 100 Acres Woods crew are ready for a quiet, enjoyable feast of honey, hot chocolate, and haycorns...until Rabbit butts in. The tradition-obsessed yellow bunny insists that this simply isn't how Thanksgiving is done, insisting on the importance of turkey and cranberries and pumpkin pie. These things aren't easily found in England, however, and the others just end up bungling into each other. It's Pooh who finally reminds Rabbit that Thanksgiving isn't about what we eat. It's about whom we eat it with, and being grateful for what we do have, whether it's honey or turkey.

I changed the AG dolls as Pooh ran. I really wish I'd had the time to put them in Halloween costumes, like I did last year. At any rate, I switched them into slightly dressier fall outfits. Samantha sports her mauve checked "meet" dress and white and black boots with the pearl buttons. Josefina is back in her Party Dress, with her rebozo wrapped around her arms to keep out the chill (the only long-sleeved outfit AG made for her is long retired and expensive on the secondary market). Jessa wears a jade green tie-wrap blouse and a long jean skirt I found at the Deptford Mall a few years ago. Felicity wears her Laced Jacket and Petticoat. Molly's in the blouse from her School Jumper outfit, the red skirt from her Skating Outfit, and her saddle shoes.

Had the time for a Tom and Jerry short as I prepared for work. Jerry's not happy to be a waiter for a flirting Tom and his girlfriend in "The Mouse Comes to Dinner." Jerry gets his revenge by making a mess of the meal.

Work was actually pretty quiet for a lot of the day, especially compared to earlier in the week. The beginning of the month people are starting to subside, and I suspect a lot of folks may be waiting for Veteran's Day Weekend to do their major shopping. It was on-and-off steady for most of the afternoon...until my last customers, of course. They had three different, very long orders, just so they could use three turkey coupons and a hundred other coupons. The college-age boy who was supposed to be my relief was sent in for another kid who needed to go on break. No one could relieve me, which meant I was late getting out.

I stormed home, angry and fed up. I would be so much more grateful for this job if people had a little more consideration for others. How many turkeys does a person need? I hope they were donating those extra turkeys to their local church.

I went straight into the bath when I got home. I haven't had a bath in ages. It didn't help much. My legs did feel a little better, but my stomach was still in knots. I made salmon with ranch dressing, mashed turnips, and spinach and mushrooms for dinner while watching the Faerie Tale Theatre episode "Beauty and the Beast," with Susan Sarandon as the pretty French girl who learns not to judge by appearances, and Klaus Kinski as the feline-esque creature who isn't as frightening as he looks.

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