Sunday, November 17, 2013

Warm Victory

It was sunny and a wee bit hazy when I awoke this morning. I put on Brunch With the Beatles while making Apple Pie Pancakes (apples, whole wheat flour, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and a little sugar) for breakfast. The spotlight was on 1968 today; fine by me. I prefer the Beatles' later, more mature output, and this year was brimming with hits like "Hey Jude," "Lady Madonna," "Revolution," "I Will," "Helter Skelter," and "Blackbird." This was also the year that the Beatles launched their Apple Records line, and did it in fine style with two hits, Mary Hopkin's Russian-tinged "Those Were the Days" and The Ivies/Badfinger's lovely "Maybe Tomorrow."

Called Mom while finishing my pancakes. Though she was in a good mood today, there's been a lot going on at her house. Dad had to have emergency surgery on his hand after an accident with a heavy rope on the boat he works on (he's a commercial fisherman) left him with ripped tendons and nerves between his pinkie and ring finger. Plus Anny's birthday went badly when Dad caused some trouble. I'm not worried so much as I am annoyed. Not with Dad's injury - considering what I did to my foot last year, I'm hardly one to talk, and he does work at a tough job - but with his inability to behave himself. I know his job is extremely stressful, but can't he learn other ways to let off steam?

Went straight to work after the Beatles ended. Work was on-and-off busy, though not nearly as bad as last week. A good Eagles game coupled with unusually warm weather for this time of year kept a lot of people at home or out and about. The Eagles played the faltering Washington Redskins at home. They were kicking their rears 17-0 when I was on break and saw the last few minutes of the first half. They ultimately went on to win 24-16, their first win at home in over a year.

(At least they were able to play on time. The Bears-Ravens match-up was disrupted for two hours by the tornadoes that left a path of destruction in the Midwest. When they finally did play again, the Bears won in overtime 23-20. Talk about "Windy City." I hope everyone in the Midwest is ok.)

My night at home was quieter. I listened to Christmas music while having leftover broccoli and the last Salisbury Turkey Steak for dinner. I made Dark Chocolate Chip Brownies. I finished most of Amanda's Christmas present; I just need to crochet one more part.

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