Sunday, November 03, 2013

Touchdown King

I started out a sunny, windy, chilly day by finishing the Samantha mystery The Curse of Ravenscourt. In Samantha's second mystery, she and her family, including adopted sister Nellie, are staying in the title apartment building while their own home is being renovated. Though Ravenscourt is brand-new, it's been plagued with problems - the boiler won't work, a "13" was painted over a plaque near the elevator, a rat was seen in the kitchen. Nellie adds to the mystery when she reveals that the building's owner is also the cruel landlord for several New York tenements and was said to have been cursed by one of them. Then Samantha's uncle goes away on business, and her aunt is called away suddenly. Samantha finds herself dealing with the mystery on her own.

I thought this was only so-so the first time I read it about two or three years ago. I enjoyed it more this time around - it seemed spookier on a second read.

Thanks to daylight savings, it was only about 10 when I finally started Sourdough French Toast with a grapefruit half for breakfast. Brunch With the Beatles focused on Revolver, one of the Beatles most popular and influential albums. Among the familiar songs from this album are "Here, There, and Everywhere," "Doctor Robert," "Got To Get You Into My Life," "Yellow Submarine," "Eleanor Rigby," "Taxman," and "Good Day Sunshine." "Paperback Writer" and "Rain" were also released around this time as singles.

I had a little time to finish putting up the Thanksgiving decorations and taking down the Halloween items before work. The majority of my Thanksgiving decorations are cardboard wall hangings. I found a really nice set of pilgrim and Indian scenes the year I moved here. They're pretty big - I think they may have been intended for classroom use. I picked up a cute vintage 70s-80s pilgrim girl and a Peanuts banner about sharing from a yard sale, and Mom gave me a pilgrim/Indian banner and very heavy cardboard turkey. The wood and cloth pilgrim couple and turkey-shaped candle were also yard sale finds. The porcelain teddy in the Indian costume and the tiny soft mouse dressed as a pilgrim came from thrift shops.

I left for work shortly after finishing the decorating. I wish I'd just stayed home. Work was a pain and a half again today. It was busy all through the afternoon, especially early on. The Eagles game was at 4 today, so everyone came before then. It was pandemonium. Even with all the registers opened that worked, including self checkout, we still didn't have enough to get the lines down. My first register went down within an hour after my arrival; the manager reset it twice, then gave up and sent me in for a stock manager who was on a register and needed to get back to what he was supposed to do. We ran out of the turkeys needed for the coupons and were either supposed to give out rain checks or substitute Butterballs. No one seemed to clear on exactly what we were doing about it - I ended up doing both. Thank heavens my relief was on time and I was able to head out normally.

Evidently, the Eagles had a far better day than I did. The Eagles-Raiders game was on the TV in the back room after I finished. They were winning at that point, and they were even further ahead when I got home. Quarterback Nick Foles was absolutely amazing. He threw for 7 touchdown passes, the most in one game in Eagles history and tying several all-time NFL records. They continued to dominate the game as I made Sicilian-Breaded Chicken Breasts with sauteed turnip greens, roasted Brussels sprouts, and the Cherry-Cranberry Jello Fruit Salad I started earlier. They finally steamrolled over the Raiders 49-20.

Mom called after the game. I tried calling her earlier, but she must have been out running errands. We discussed my stressful week. I know I need to find more hobbies, but it's hard to join clubs when your schedule is as weird as mine. I would appreciate my job more if I didn't feel like it was sucking out my soul. I don't just want the money. I want something that feels like I'm doing some good. I'm doing nothing standing behind a register. My co-workers are nice enough, but there isn't anyone I can really hang out with. They're all either older than me, younger than me, or have kids.

I feel out-of-place at family gatherings, too. I'm the only person in my family who is single. Everyone else has kids, a partner, or is much older or younger than I am. Everyone says they welcome me and tries to make me feel at home, but once again, there are few people I can talk to. I don't know what to do about the holidays. I'm tired of all the running around and feeling like a fifth wheel wherever I go. I just don't know what other singles like me do for the holidays. I'll e-mail my sister Rose tonight or tomorrow and see what she's doing about Thanksgiving and when.

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