Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Laundry Day

Started off the morning with some Backyardigans. Newsboy Tyrone thinks he has to "Escape From Fairy Tale Village" when Big Bad Wolf Austin, Witch Uniqua, and Giant Pablo insist on having him for dinner...over for dinner, that is. Austin tries to each eager Uniqua and nervous Pablo how to have "pirate-itude" at "Pirate Camp." Austin accidentally ends up in the shoe of the infamous "Red Boots" the ghost pirate (Tasha), who tickles you until you turn into a ghost! Uniqua and Pablo go after her, and show off what they've learned in the process.

I mainly wanted to get the laundry done today. Maybe I should have just done it yesterday before I went to Philly. They were busy with a couple of families today. I ended up with one of the expensive washers. The families had some cute kids, though. The little girl in the Minnie shirt was fascinated by the cover of The Storybook of Legends. She must have thought the princesses were pretty.

Ran the rest of the Backyardigans DVD when I got home as I put my laundry away and made a quick spinach-mushroom omelet for lunch. Tasha wants to make "Front Page News" and get her photos on the cover of Bigopolis' newspaper. She thinks she'll get her chance when a robot goes on a rampage. Trouble is, she's also the town's newest superhero, Super Snap...and she's too busy helping Captain Bubble (Tyrone) and Bug Girl (Uniqua) to take pictures! Pablo is "Le Master of Disguise." Inspector Austin follows his trail to the Orient Express, but mistakes Cowboy Tyrone, Circus Performer Tasha, and Conductor Uniqua for the tricky penguin.

Work was quiet when I came in, but picked up around 3:30 and stayed steady the rest of the night. It was still so busy, the manager had to send someone in for me when I got off. Otherwise, there were no major problems besides the usual beginning-of-the-month people who don't help bag.

I made my last quick grocery trip of the year after work. I needed sparkling grape juice, cream, and an orange for the Whipped Syllabub I'll be making for New Year's Eve tomorrow. I found the orange and juice, but the cartons of heavy cream were too much for just a few drinks. They're clearing out the eggnog - I thought I'd try that instead.

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