Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Making It Christmas

I spent a dreary, misty morning watching Christmas programs and movies. The Bishop's Wife is the lovely Julia (Loretta Young) who is feeling neglected by her husband (David Niven). He's desperate to get a new cathedral built. When he prays for guidance, he gets Dudley (Cary Grant), an impossibly handsome and suave angel. Dudley seems to charm everyone around him, including Julia, the maid Nora (Elsa Lanchester), and an old family friend, the Professor (Monty Wooley). The bishop is less than impressed, especially after Dudley constantly takes his place on outings with Julia. What Dudley's really trying to do is teach the bishop a lesson - no cathedral is as important as helping his congregation or spending time with those he loves.

The last of the three popular post-war Christmas movies is a lovely, sentimental favorite. Grant makes an especially charming angel.

I made the Vanilla Cream Icing and frosted the cupcakes and the Pumpkin Pudding Pie for Dad's party tomorrow night while the movie was on. Loaded the cupcakes into square containers I bought from Dollar Tree earlier in the month that were originally intended for cookies, put the pie in the refrigerator to chill, and that was that. I'm now officially done with all of my Christmas preparations. The only thing I have left to do is deliver the food, cards, and gifts to the Camden County side of the family. I'll be doing that tomorrow night and Thursday morning.

Moved onto TV episodes and specials as I did some things online and had leftovers for lunch. Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas was one of the very first holiday specials to debut on HBO in the late 70s. My family's copy was taped about a decade later. Emmett Otter and his mother Alice are facing a bare Christmas, until they decide to enter the local talent contest. Emmett joins the title jug band; Mrs. Otter performs a folk ballad solo. The ultimate winner of the contest is a surprise...and what happens to Ma and Emmett when they sing together is even more so.

The late 90's cable comedy-drama Remember WENN's only Christmas episode debuted during their second season. It's "Christmas In the Airwaves," and it looks like the holiday season of 1940 will be one of merriment and cheer for the staff of radio station WENN. At least until the station's owner and her miserly financier arrive. She's grieving for the loss of her husband; he only cares about selling off the station. When the word comes down to the staff that there's to be no Christmas on the station, they find a way for the show to go on, and to prove to their owner that her life can go on, too.

It was still misting when I left for work, but not so heavily that I couldn't ride my bike. Work was busy when I came in and busy when I left, but on-and-off steady throughout most of the day. There was a crock pot of warm mini hot dogs in the back room for lunch. It was still so busy when we finished, I was almost late getting out. Otherwise, there were no major problems and the day went fairly quickly.

When I got home (slightly damp from the ongoing mist), I ran A Garfield Christmas Special as I settled in for the night. Garfield's not looking forward to spending the holidays with Jon's family, but he does bond with tough-minded Grandma. While Jon and his brother Doc Boy beg to open presents and read stories about Binky the Clown, Garfield makes a late-night find in the barn that may make Grandma's Christmas morning a little merrier.

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