Sunday, September 18, 2016

Where's the Rain?

Began a cloudy (and surprisingly quiet) morning with Nectarine Pancakes and the soundtrack to Eddie and the Cruisers. This 1983 movie about a Jersey Shore bar band who briefly makes it big in the early 60's, and it has some fabulous music. As you can imagine, it was wildly popular down in Cape May County in the mid-80's (especially given parts of it were actually filmed at Ocean City, Atlantic City, and Somers Point) with real life bar-band fans. My family wore our original LP out well before the decade ended. I was thrilled to find this again at the big Best Buy in Mays Landing in the fall of 2001. "On the Dark Side" was the hit, but my favorite song is the evocative ballad "Boardwalk Angel." (I love that so much, it's my secondary moniker online.)

Work was very busy today, despite the Eagles playing tomorrow night. I'm wondering if people were worried about the weather. A tropical storm is supposed to hit the area tonight or tomorrow. Actually, it was supposed to be here this afternoon, but despite humidity you could cut with a knife, it never arrived. It was on-and-off cloudy all day. I spent the afternoon alternating between rounding up carts and getting stuck in a register. Every time I'd try to get the carts going, I'd get called inside. Good thing there were at least two other guys helping me today.

(Considering South Jersey spent Labor Day Weekend waiting for a tropical storm that never came, we'll have to see if we actually get rain this time.)

(I got to see the last couple of minutes of the Cowboys-Redskins game in the back room as I was leaving. I was really hoping Washington could at least manage a tie. Nope. Cowgirls finally got past them 27-23.)

As soon as I got home, I grabbed a broom and went right back outside. Charlie cleared debris off the roof yesterday. He used a leaf blower to get rid of the accumulated debris. It did get rid of the leaves and larger sticks...but left behind a gritty layer of dirt, dust, grime, and pieces of acorn. I swept that away with an actual broom. I didn't want the porch to turn into a mud bath if it rained.

Spent the rest of the afternoon and a lot of the evening writing. Luke's surfing is progressing at the beach. He's gotten much better and isn't falling off nearly as much anymore. He really wishes he could be as good as Ben, or the men he learned from, Quinton Jinn and Yoda Yamagashi.

Leia has her own worries. Jyn's dad found out something really big is going on Alderaan Island. She says he has a recording of Palapatine's boys and Vader making huge plans to tear down the Cottages, local woodland, and a lot of the older Boardwalk attractions and build a gigantic hotel and theme park. Jyn and Cassian invite Leia to come to their cottage to hear the tapes.

Finished things with leftovers for dinner and The Very Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber. This is a collection of numbers from older Webber shows I've had since at least the 90's. I think it was actually one of my first CD's. It includes songs from most of his shows up through Sunset Boulevard (represented by "With One Look," the title number, and Barbara Streisand's version of "As If We Never Said Goodbye"). My favorite songs are "High Flying Adored," a duet from Evita sung by original cast members Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin, and the hilarious title song from By Jeeves.

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